7 Awesome Gift Ideas for Anime Fans

Buying gifts is never easy, but when you know someone’s interests like their favorite show, it is much easier to find them something they will love. This list is compiled to appeal to anime fans, so if you know they love anime then, this list can give you plenty of ideas and options:

1)      Collectible Figures and Dolls

There are lots of great collectible figures and dolls available to buy, whether anime characters, tv show characters or video game characters, there are bound to be figures or dolls created in their image. There are a few varieties to choose from, one very popular example is the Nendoroid, which is a Japanese collectible figure. They are easy to purchase online, and many choose to pre-order the most popular dolls as soon as they are announced to guarantee a purchase. Some popular characters sell out fast! If you know someone with a favorite character, or perhaps they enjoy collecting memorabilia or merchandise, collectible figures and dolls are a good option.

2)      Japanese Snacks

Most anime fans are also interested in Japanese culture. Japan is where anime and manga originate from, so it is normal to take an interest in the country and culture that created their favorite shows. If you are watching a show and the characters are eating a packet of delicious looking sweets, of course, you’d want to try some for yourself! Japanese snacks are a fun gift for anime fans, as well as non-anime fans, because who doesn’t enjoy tasting new and exciting snacks? This is a fun gift that many people would love to receive!

3)      Tickets to Events

There are lots of fun events for anime fans to visit, such as conventions like comic con. If you know someone who likes to go out and attend events, buying a pair of tickets for you and your friend is a nice gift you can enjoy together. If they already have tickets to the event, you could also gift them a handmade voucher stating that you will purchase them a gift from the convention. Events like conventions are often full of exciting merchandise for sale, so having your ‘voucher’ on top of spending money will definitely be welcomed as a great gift.

4)      DIY Gifts

If you have the creative skills, make your own present. Sewing a gift or baking anime-inspired cookies is a fun present that you can put your heart into. Your gift will be unique and potentially more budget-friendly.

5)      Posters and Framed Prints

Posters and framed prints of their favorite shows are a popular gift choice. Finding prints of anime might be a little harder than finding posters, but there are some great artists that create artwork inspired by anime who sell their art online. Buying a print from an artist and a nice frame makes a thoughtful gift for any anime fan.

6)      Keychains and Plushies

Keychains and plushies are also really popular; there are lots of official anime merchandise for popular anime shows, as well as people’s handmade keychains and art on sites like Etsy. If you know their favorite shows or characters, this is a great gift idea.

7)      Subscription Services

If you’re looking for a bigger gift, paying for a subscription service could make a nice ongoing present. There are anime streaming sites that have a subscription fee, similar to Netflix, so if they don’t already have a membership, then signing up for them is a nice gift. There are also monthly box subscription services that send gift boxes with anime-related goodies and other items like Japanese snacks. These are worth looking into if you know what they like.

It is up to you to decide what they might like the most, but with so many fun options available, you have plenty of great choices to choose between!

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