Android Studio 2020 Free Download

Android Studio 2020 is the official IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for those androids which are running on the Google Operating System.

Android Studio 2020 Description

It is basically designed for android devices functioning with the Google Operating System. It was built in May 2013. This O.S is only for Android devices, not for PC or desktop.

Android Studio 2020 Free Download
Android Studio 2020 Free Download


Android Studio 2020 is associated with the best debugging features and provides all the essential requirements for android development. It is also integrated with built-in SDK tools that provide access to the users to different features of android versions and ensure their complete usage.

Android Studio 2020 is now becoming a successful and leading O.S for android devices. The reason is its wide range of features and quick access to all the tools. It contains an inbuilt Android Virtual Device tool, using it you can test the APK files on your computer. As Android Studio 2020 built on the base of JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA software, that’s why it contains all the features of IntelliJ Idea.

The establishing of Android Studio has another theme in its background that is Gradle Build. The Gradle Build fixes the build paths as well as numerous additional build issues automatically. The Sync feature of Android Studio keeps up-to-date and preserves all the directories and files which play a key role in its performance. It has an appealing designed User Interface for developers with the facility of drag and Drops windows with manual editing.

Android Studio 2020
Android Studio 2020

Overall, Android Studio is the best operating system for android devices nowadays as well as it will be the leading O.S in the near future. It has more features and tools as compared to any previous or existing Android O.S. I strictly recommend this O.S to my friends for the best performance of their android devices.

Android Studio Features:

  • C++ and NDK support.
  • Code editor.
  • Robust build system.
  • Feature-rich emulator.
  • Vector Asset Studio.
  • Cloud Integration.
  • Translation Editor.
  • For all android devices.
  • Accelerates your Apps.

Android Studio Specifications:

Name:             Android Studio

File Size:         683 MB

O.S:                 Mac O.S X 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher.

Screen Res:    1280 X 800.

Disk Space:     4 GB total Disk Space minimum

Publisher:       Developers Android

License:          Free

Free Download Android Studio

Click on the following download button to download Android Studio 2020 free on your Android Device.

Free Download Android Studio
Free Download Android Studio
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