Aurora HDR Download

Aurora HDR Download
Aurora HDR Download

Photographers on the struggle to get quality HDR images need not worry, as the Aurora  HDR for windows has found the solution. Yes, the Aurora HDR has a user friendly interface and it’s easy to use. This software by Aurora is named as High Dynamic Ranged due to its professional dynamics. Expert photography is imperfect without this awesome tool. There are countless functions available in this version for photography lovers and digital artists.

 You need to choose from four backgrounds to work and learning will be a great experience for all newbie’s! While making your adjustments the histogram that appears at the top is quite helpful, You can easily create luminosity masks based on your zone system simply by hovering over the histogram and by clicking at the right place.  Luminosity masks are useful for editing your images selectively which basically revolves around the idea of brightness more than playing with color combinations!

Key Features include:

  • Batch image processing.
  • Advanced HDR tone-mapping adjustments.
  • Tone-mapping technology.
  • Automatic RAW color noise reduction.
  • Polarizing filter.
  • DNG file support.
  • Radial masking tool.
  • Advanced top and bottom adjustment panel.
  • Zone system for luminosity masks.
  • HSL:Hue-saturation-luminosity tool.
  • Feather and density parameters for layer masks.
  • Image resize and sharpen on export.
  • Blend modes for layers
  • HSL panel.

The app runs without problems and without consuming much space on the disk. When it has to work with raw images the speed is even faster and the Aurora HDR runs very effectively and quickly and it also handles mapping issues very well. Its lens correction, rich editing toolbox, tone mapping, superb processing engine are some of the key features that make it better than other software’s available such as Photo Dater, ExifEditor , EXIF Date Changer etc. These were some of the pros of Aurora HDR however its cons are that at times it may become lethargic when multiple files are opened and the files that it saves are heavier, eating much of the system space!

You can download the Aurora HDR software by clicking here.

Aurora HDR Download
Aurora HDR Download


 You won’t even have to wait ages to become a pro! You download it and its user friendly interface will guide you throughout! So what are you waiting for? Transform your pictures into masterpieces by downloading the Aurora HDR right away!

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Hemendra Singh
August 21, 2018 12:38 pm

Best HDR photo editing software in my view.

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