Best Desktop Publishing Software 2019

Desktop Publishing (or DTP for short) is the creation of documents using page layout skills on a personal computer. When creating a document that will only be published in a single language, authors don’t really face constraints regarding either the software they choose to use or indeed the techniques which they apply.
Things change though when releasing in multiple languages; you need to optimize your content for the translation process. In order to take into account how other languages handle fonts which you use or how text can expand for some languages. Get these things wrong and your carefully laid out English when translated can become quite useless for readers of other languages. Of course, Multilingual DTP can address these problems, but if the original content is not optimized for the process, it can be time-consuming and costly.

Why you should choose DTP?

First of all, it is very important to choose DTP software which is supported by commonly-used Computer Aided Translation tools. Most often, this means Adobe FrameMaker and Adobe InDesign file formats for technical communications such as user manuals and Getting started Guides, because they are built with language compatibility in mind Your Language Service Provider can help you choose if you are unsure. Most Computer Aided Translation tools use a hard return to mark the end of a translation unit, together with a periods, exclamation marks and question marks. This means the sentence will appear as two separate segments to the linguist. It can be harder to understand a series of fragments than flowing text, meaning quality can suffer and sentence fragments pollute your Translation Memory, eventually making it less effective at supplying matches for linguists, and gradually increasing the cost of supplying high quality translated materials. Style sheets are one of the most useful tools in DTP. They let you know exactly which fonts and styles you have used in your document and allow you to apply or update complicated formatting in just a few steps. Much easier than manually changing your formatting. The lack of distinct paragraph styles (which can be globally updated to accommodate text expansion) can substantially increase post-translation DTP effort and costs. Using well-defined paragraph and character styles can reap big rewards for projects with a large number of documents with a common layout. Instead of embedding text in your graphics, localization-savvy authors use text boxes.

Best Desktop Publishing Software
Best Desktop Publishing Software

 It is not easy to create an English source document that has enough white space or “breathing room” around text elements. Many languages can expand the line count by as much as 35%. The expansion in Language is again distributed into some containers like side notes in the margin, table cells, indented text or boxed cautions and warnings. To summarize, if you implement these best practices will mean that you Save a lot of time and money on your translation projects.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign is a world standard layout program that allows designers and desktop publishers to create beautiful layouts. The original focus of InDesign is to create print documents like cards brochures magazines and reports but InDesign has also grown to be a cross-platform solution for creating interactive documents like PDFs and interactive publications for mobile devices like the iPad or Android tablets using the Adobe Digital publishing suite plugins.

Adobe Indesign Desktop Publishing Software 2019
Adobe Indesign Desktop Publishing Software 2019

Specifications of Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe InDesign allows you to import your existing Microsoft Word or Excel documents in just a few clicks formatting your text pretty straightforward.
  • This software uses the basic text formatting options to make your messages stand out or use more advanced typographic options to take your design to the next level.
  • Apply text styles to automate your text formatting and change your project by making global updates.
  • Import one or multiple images at a time and easily move crop or scale them to fit your design.
  • You can also add simple visual effects like a drop shadow glow or by changing your pasty of objects Ensign that supports all the main image formats.
  • Adobe InDesign even allows you to work with native file formats from other Adobe programs like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.
  • Adobe InDesign is very powerful an intuitive design tool that is easy to start with and fun to use.

Cons of Adobe InDesign

  • Way too heavy software to use.
  • Not newbie friendly.
  • Price is not affordable for everyone.


QuarkXPress is an awesome desktop publishing software designed especially for both Windows and Mac users. Quark Inc. designed that software in 1987 and many versions were available in the market and nowadays QuarkXPress 2016 is the latest version.

Best Desktop Publishing Software 2019
Best Desktop Publishing Software 2019

Specifications of QuarkXPress

  • Elegant Performance and controls the position of the element on a page minutely with precision.
  • Binary code modules are highly expandable by Quark team.
  • High-level scripting functions with super stability of software.
  • Web design development is way too easy in QuarkXPress.
  • Pdf document creation is very quick and no time wasting at all.
  • Superb XML support.

Cons of QuarkXPress

  • Not Affordable for everyone as the price is much higher.
  • Software updates are too large and take a lot of time which seems boring.


This software is special because it has both free and paid options to use it as desktop publishing.Scribus was created in 2003 and originally Scribus was designed for Linus but later on it was available for Windows and Mac too. You are fully in control with your data and in the free version of Scribus, you can enjoy a lot of features that are not in other premium desktop publishingsoftware.
The latest version is Scribus 1.5.4that was released last year.

Desktop Publishing Software 2019
Desktop Publishing Software 2019

Specifications of Scribus

  • Preset templates are available for creating diversity and you can use them as graphics.
  • Scribus has a superb ability to produce animations, magazines and quality newsletters.
  • Press ready output feature is innovative and a quality feature of Scribus.
  • Scribus is newbies friendly and anyone can use this DTP software for their own use.
  • User interface is quite simple and functional.
  • Documents created in Scribus can be saved in image and text formats with ease.

Cons of Scribus

  • Inaccuracy in graphic elements is seen in Scribus.
  • Invalidity of fonts are often seen in Scribus and that is the biggest disappointment.


This amazing software is pronounced as Lah-Tech and listed in quality DTP software of nowadays. Latex is a document production software and not a typical word processor. Latex mainly focusses on the design of the document that is just created.

Specifications of Latex

  • Tons of artworks, spot colours are included in Latex.
  • Multi-lingual typesetting feature is available in Latex to make typesetting exquisite and remarkable.
  • Indexes and bibliographies are generated automatically.
  • Meta font fonts and Postscripts are available in Latex.
  • Multiplatform for Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • All type of programmable desktop features is integrated into LaTex.

Cons of LaTex

  • Not easy to use and user needs a lot of practice to understand the interface of LaTex.
  • Mastery in skills is required to use LaTex effectively.

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a DTP software of MS Office Suite. Microsoft was first created in 1991 as a Desktop publishing software and a recent version of the software came into the market on 2016.
You have many options when you want to start work on this software and most importantly it comes with smooth user interface. MS Publisher is somehow different from MS Word because it focuses on graphics more than the text.

MS Desktop Publishing Software 2019
MS Desktop Publishing Software 2019

Specifications of Microsoft Publisher

  • Many features are there you can start working on simple sheet or choose any template.
  • Awesome templates with sparkling looks.
  • The enormous working area is available for the users that relax them a lot.
  • The range of specific supportive formats is available in Microsoft Publisher.
  • Categorization of templates is seen including labels, leaflets, calendars etc.
  • Wide customization and multi-channel strategy are seen.

Cons of Microsoft Publisher

  • Not a newbie friendly software like MS Word.
  • Difficult to find templates according to your need.
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