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With technology taking over humanization in today’s era things have become much easier. Documents made earlier had to edit by hand and then had to be rewritten whereas in the modern world everything can be done from your own PC within minutes.  Everyone out there is looking for accessible and best open source PDF editors, there surely are best one’s available online however some might have their setbacks too.  Let’s highlight some of the best open source editors available:-

  1. Formulate Pro

This software will help you edit, view and redact PDF files; moreover it comes with cloud support making it accessible anywhere and anytime. Additionally it’s not lethargic, it’s easy to use this open source PDF editor.  However the disadvantage of this software is that it hasn’t been updated since 2009 and it only saves document as PDF or Formulate format not .doc

  1. Apache Open Office Draw

This open source PDF is primarily concerned with graphics and drawing diagrams, however it also includes the feature of editing PDF files.  It has used quite much as it includes feature such as spelling and grammar checks, it works on multiple platforms which makes it distinctive from the rest and it is useful in adding images to a PDF file, however there are a few odds such as it becomes hard for this software to load a heavy PDF file and errors might show up in larger PDF files after editing.

  1. Scribus

This open source PDF editor is known for its color management usually which shows up at the output. It’s quite good in compressing files without them losing their quality and, its interface is well designed making it an interactive software to use. Moreover being less in weight as compared to other PDF editors it works well with a speedy connection.  However the cons that come with this software are that it does not have a spell check included, it’s not preferred when you want to be switching fonts or changing styles and being open source in nature your questions at their online help centre are answered after a long wait.

  1. PDF Edit

This software is quite helpful and not at the same time. Being helpful for less advanced users as it can edit every part of the document. Plus adding and removing images text and links makes it more easier for editing a file for new users and it has the Graphical User Interface (GUI) which helps in understanding the software however the bad side is when you have to go through the scripting part to do more advanced tasks, plus still being in the developing phase many features might be confusing for users to understand.

  1. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is an open source PDF editor which is primarily a word processor, having the functions of editing PDF files makes it an advanced word processor. It’s easy to use and can convert different format files into PDF plus you can add a digital signature to your work too, however its editing feature are limited and it becomes a bit hard to use when the PDF file is large in size.

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