Building a Home Photography Studio on a Careful spending plan

Building a Home Photography Studio on a Careful spending plan

Set up a home photography studio

The latest extension of my studio is the affordable Studio Strobe, which is manufactured by the Chinese organization JinBei. After a lot of exploration and inspection, I chose JinBei Spark 400w Studio Flash. Compared with some later products of JinBei, such as JinBei DPs III Pro or Digital Pioneer III, innovation is more mature in terms of innovation. Spark 400 is a completely stable and sturdy component with an aluminum housing. The lightweight basic structure provides a series of useful highlights, including corresponding presentation lights, ABEI (kill indicator lights when the light is on fire) and inherent cooling fans, suitable for long studio meetings.

In addition to Strobe, I also bought JinBei JB300 air-filled aluminum light stand and a 120cm (M octagonal soft box). Every step of buying these things from a supplier on Taobao is basic and easy, and because the merchant is located in Shanghai, the next day it costs 970 yuan or 98.00 pounds (about 152.00 US dollars for US buyers) ) Shipped all items. .

Before proceeding with the test, one thing that needs to be referred to here is the arrangement of the softbox. Although in general, softboxes tend to accumulate, if you try to follow the included Chinglish instructions, you may encounter some dissatisfaction. What the guide does not clearly state is that the softbox needs to be collected in two stages. First add the brace to the larger part of the connecting ring and softbox, making sure to pass the brace through the white Velcro loop inside the softbox. After completing this operation, turn the soft box to the floor completely, then fix the second small piece of the soft box to the back, and cover it with Velcro and cover the installation part. The inability to accumulate in a specific order causes dissatisfaction because the struts are too close to even consider effective installation in a specific sleeve on the outer edge of the softbox.

When I first tried the new strobe light with a huge softbox, I used a pair of trusted Yongnuo RF602 remote triggers to trigger the strobe light and the additional Yongnuo 460II flame located behind the white transparent umbrella . Finally, I added a third light (lighting), my Nikon SB-700 flash, and set it to SU4 (slave) mode under the advance setting of the menu. The SB-700 is installed above and below the model by connecting the explosive arm on the head of the additional lamp holder. In order to diffuse the light of the hair, I used an attachable rectangular soft box (the price on Taobao is 35rmb, £3.60, $5.50)

My early introduction was great. As the optional internal spreading plate (detachable) limits the brightness of the flash to a certain extent, the flash has a pleasant uniform light. Even if it is fully released, stripe’s reuse time is very fast. The Yongnuo remote trigger works perfectly on strobe and auxiliary flash. Obviously, Nikon Speedlite performs well in slave mode. Taking all factors into consideration, I am satisfied with this arrangement because it makes me imaginative and exploratory about the studio lighting.

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