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AbAlarm is free and easy to use alarm clock for Windows and creates reminder and schedule tasks and start countdown.

AbAlarm is designed and developed by Abelssoft Inc. To download AbAlarm free on your PC, click on the “download” button given at the end of this article.


AbAlarm is very interesting and cool app which is used as a alarm clock for Windows. It creates schedule tasks and reminders as well as helps the user to become punctual by providing nudge at pre-set time.

The process of usage is very simple. Simply select the time of the alarm, set reminder text and select the alarm sound among the preloaded 10 sounds. If you need to set alarm with a new style, you can set alarm as “current time + 35 minutes”. The app is also integrated with countdown feature which allows you to start and end the countdown for any function.



The most interesting feature which AbAlarm contains is “Bizarre”. Yes! When you want to cook a pizza or tea, select the total time of cooking and start the timer. After completion of time, the time will remind you to turn off the oven. If you want to do any other work during cooking of foods, set the Bizarre and do your work. Now you never forget to turn off the oven at time.

Overall, AbAlarm is very small but constructive and interesting app. It has a built-in scheduler that is used to create reminders and add action to alarm. Using “Action” section, you can set a reminder for a particular interval. When interval comes, it will remind you to take the specific action.

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Features of AbAlarm:

  • Create reminders.
  • Create scheduler for particular intervals.
  • Scheduler is configurable.
  • Inbuilt countdown and bizarre.
  • Set alarm in new style as like “Current Time +1 hour and 42 minutes”.
  • No paid version, 100% free.
  • Safe and secure to use.


Title:                AbAlarm

File Size:       2.86 MB (2, 928.64 bytes)

License:         Freeware.

Language:     Multiple languages.

Price:              Free

Supports:       All Windows Operating System

Free Download AbAlarm:

Click on the following link to free download the latest version of AbAlarm on your PC and desktop computers. If you find it useful and constructive, share / recommend it to your friends.

AbAlarm 2016

AbAlarm 2016

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