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ADRC Data Recovery Review

Are you speculating for the recovery of data for the multipurpose? Or do you prefer to have the suite for the release of data like undelete or raw copying etc? Here is the well-defined software for these tasks- ADRC Data Recovery.

ADRC Data Recovery works as the suite that consists of the tools for undelete, copy, imaging and raw copy, as well as boot sector, renovate.

Literally, this loss data recovery makes possible to restore the missing data not only from the floppy disks or compressed/fragmented files but from Smart Media as well. With it to regain the data from compact flash or lomega Zip drives and USB etc is very productive.

With its Copy Files quality, you can repack the files from disks that are damaged or bad sectored. What’s more, it offers you Copy Sub Folders choice. That moves on Scans through the directory. Then it shots out to copy the file or item of your choice.

Raw Copy is the BEST option of this data recovery for you. As you may take the benefit of this choice if you do not like to re-install the OS.

Download ADRC Data Recovery

Through Image Backup of this software, you may have the natural backup and rescue of the full drive. The most interesting about it is the fact that you can do it in just ONE Click. Unbelievable image regain!

Further, if your boot sector is out of working or distort out due to virus/system deformation you can reverse it without any difficulty.

At all it’s free! You may take all its advantages without paying anything. Also, its program is compact “greenware” with no installation. However, its overall program is the 130 kb only. ADRC Data Recovery is the PERFECT suite for free data loss recovery freely!

No question you need undelete or copy or image back or boot sector affairs-it be capable of performing everything for you.

ADRC Data Recovery Features

  • Characterize undelete of lost files.
  • Has copy property for lost data.
  • You may avail the raw copy of it.
  • Equip for image backup.
  • Regenerate the boot sector.
  • Comprise of the folder structure.
  • It is portable.
  • Compact & comprehensive program.

ADRC Data Recovery System Requirements

Operating System: Win 95/ Win 98/  Win Me/  Win NT/ Win 2K/ Win XP

Installed Memory: 256MB

File Size: 4KB

File Name:

ADRC Data Recovery Free Download

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ADRC Data Recovery

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