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Download Age of Empires – Age of Empires 4 is the fourth successful edition of the world strategic game. Firstly the game had been launched for the Windows Platform with the goal of target big audience. Get ready to come up with the best strategy by using your analytical and leadership skills. The game has been developed and deployed under the banner of the Relic Entertainment Studio. Before this, the last 3 games of Age of Empires had been developed under the flag of the Ensemble Studios.

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A scenario of Age of Empires

The game starts with the selection of nation and your main goal is to manage & develop the nation with proper planning. You are at liberty to choose any one of the following 3 nations.

  1. Asia
  2. Europe
  3. Arab

Before selection, your main goal is to analyze the nation because you have to work out in order to improve & developed the weaker parts of the nation. The massive development of the nation is always a big question for the historians.

How to play Age of Empires 4

For the strategic game lovers, the game has 2 modes of play.

  1. Storyline Campaign.
  2. Free Game.

The game mainly focuses on the development of the mightiest empire of the nation. In order to develop any nation, you need a lot of resources. There are many kinds of resources which you need and among them, the manpower is the first & foremost requirement. It is impossible to defeat any nation without an army. You need to raise the commanders of your armies who have extraordinary skills and strengths. So that they can lead the armies. And never underestimate your enemies because they also hold the same resources as you. And they are working day and night to increase their strengths.


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At the end of the day, your main aim will save yourself and your whole empire from the bad happenings. Collect as many resources as you can to make your nation great.

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Features of Age of Empires 4

The fan & followers are expecting some amazing and impressive features in Age of Empires 4 and believe us they don’t leave any leaf unturned to enrich the game with latest and amazing features. Here are some features of the game.

  • One of the best role-playing strategic game.
  • Select one nation out of 3 and build up the mighty empire.
  • Have different modes of the game.
  • Gather raw material as much as you can to build your empire.
  • Easy to understand and play because of user-friendly interface.
  • Impressive visuals & graphics.
  • Stunning Background music.

Minimum System Requirements

If you plan to download Age of Empires 4 then you must have a look at the system requirements of the game. If your system meets all of these requirements then you must go ahead to download section. Here are the minimum system requirements of the game.

Operating System

Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 or higher any

Central Processing Unit

Dual core @ 2.4 GHz


4 GB

Minimum hard disk space 

17 GB

Download Age of Empires 4 Full Setup 

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