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Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server intends to create an open source platform SMTP Proxy Server which put into practices whitelists and Bayesian filtering to clear the globe of the blight of unsolicited.

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server is designed and developed by “The ASSP Dev Team”. To download Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server free on your PC, click on the “download” button given at the end of this article.


Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server has been designed to create an independent and open source SMTP Proxy Server that put into practice auto-whitelists, Bayesian filtering and other filtering methods including Greylisting, Virus Scanning, blocking the attachments, URIBL, SRS, DNSBL, SPF, Backscatter and DNSWL etc.

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server is a spam filters that sits on submissions, SMTP and SMTPS, straightforwardly in front of your usual SMTP server. It will transmit the SMTP discourse among an incoming client and your SMTP server. It will cut off the conversation as it is compulsory.

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy
Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy executes numerous configurable checks and leading the identify spam messages it will make availability an instant 5xx SMTP error code to the client. Generally non-spam messages are passed to the regular SMTP server for further dealing out and deliverance.

Overall, Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server has plentiful customizable features including the capability to block and convey spam communications.

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Features of Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server:

  • Bayesian
  • Greylisting
  • SSL/TLS.
  • Blocking reporting.
  • Backscatter detection.
  • Blocking the URIBL, SRS, DNSBL, SPF.
  • LDAP Support.



Title:                Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server (2.5.1)

File Size:       1.58 MB (1,617.92 bytes)

License:         Open Source.

Language:     Multiple languages.

Price:              Free

Supports:       All Windows Operating System

Free Download Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server:

Click on the following link to free download the latest version of Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server on your PC and desktop computers. If you find it useful and constructive, share / recommend it to your friends.

Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server
Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server
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