Download Top 3 Applications to Root the Android Phone without PC

Root Android phone – Most of the Android users are well aware of the benefits of the root users as well as they also know the disadvantages. Are you familiar with the root user or not? If No, that must have a look at the definition of the Root.

Definition – Android has the open source Linux Kernel in which the root is the username or account which has all the access to the commands and files of the Linux with all privileges. A root user can write, read, and modify each and every file. Simply root user is the superuser.

Today in this guide we are going to share with all of our fan & followers the top 3 Android Application which most of the professionals used in order to root Android Phone. Moreover, you can also easily download the applications from the link provided.

How to root Android Phone without PC

Download KingRoot Application to Root Android Phone without PC

KingRoot to Root Android Without PC

KingRoot is the free application which you can use to root the Android phone without using PC & can easily get the full access. The Free KingRoot APK will give you complete rights on your Android phone. Here is the complete steps you need to perform while using the KingRoot Application. Follow the guide step by step in order to root Android without PC.

Step # 1 – Download the KingRoot.Apk from the downloading link provided below and install it on your PC. Once the installation process completed launch it on your mobile phone. Upon launching the application it will show you the duration and estimated chances of success on the main interface.

Step # 2 – Click “Start Root” in order to start the process. If the “Root Successfully” appeared on the main screen of the application that means the Android Phone successfully rooted. And you can easily unneeded apps and also can easily clean the Operating System.Download KingRoot

Download Kingo Root Application to Root Android Phone

Kingoroot download

With just one click you can easily access the Android device as the root user. Kingo Root is the free software which allows you to access the root users with a just single click. You can access your full device.

Step # 1- Download Kingo Root APK and install in your device. While installing the application if you get a security warning you need to click on the “OK”. Moreover, you can also download the Kingo Root to your PC and can copy & pasted later.


How to Root Android Phone without PC Complete User Guide

Step # 2 – Once the installation process completed you need to launch the Application. The program firstly will recognize the Android version and model of your device. Just tap on the “One Click Root” option. It will start processing.

Step # 3 – Here you need to wait for some time. The progress of the program is displayed directly on the main interface of the application. Once it has done it will show you a message of “Root succeed” on the main interface. If it is unable to root Android phone it will display a message “Please Try again”.

Download KingoRoot

Download iRoot Application to Root Android Phone without PC

iRoot Download Free

iRoot Application is one of the best & top-rated application to Root Android Phone without PC. The application is very flexible & offer so many updates. It is available in English & Chinese.

Step # 1 – Download the iRoot Application & install it on your Android device.

Step # 2 – Launch the application by a single click on the iRoot icon. If you have not the rooted your Android phone a message “No Root Permission” will appear. Here you need to tap on the “Get Root Access” in order to Root Android Phone without PC. The application will start processing and you need to wait for some time patiently until all done.

Download iRoot to Root Android Phone

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