Download Better DS3 for Windows PlayStation Controller for PC

Better DS3 – Who wanted to use PlayStation controller on the PC, so far mostly used to MotioninJoy. Unfortunately, the tool comes with advertising and unattractive interface. You still cannot afford the installation of MotioninJoy, but after a one-time driver installation, you can leave the tool alone and choose “Better DS3”. The freeware offers a much clearer interface and runs ad-free – so you do not have to do without functions.

Do you want the PlayStation controller on PC, use the freeware “Better DS3 for Windows” and make it possible.

Download Better DS3 for Windows allows the use of different profiles and thus controller mappings that you configure for different games. for example, the connection to the PC is either via Bluetooth or USB.

The freeware configures the individual keys of the gaming device for unrestrained gambling sessions Better DS3 for windows equips the mandatory joystick driver MotioninJoy with a graphical user interface. In profiles, you define the key assignment individually according to your own specifications. For quick gameplay, the helper brings a pre-made profile with a key mapping Xbox controller. In addition, Download Better DS3 for Windows supports options such as automatically turning off the controller during inactivity and displaying the battery level. It is a powerful alternative to joystick helper DS3 Tool. The comparison with DS3 Tool wins the freeware thanks to a clearer interface and full usability even in offline mode.

Download Better DS3

Note: To use Better DS3 for Windows, users must first install the MotioninJoy driver 0.7.1001 on the computer.

DS3 Tools is a tool that allows you to play PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox and Xbox 360 controllers on the computer with the games of your choice. Any game installed on your PC will now be playable with the controller, once configured.


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This is how it works: Configure the controller 

Better DS3 for windows does not come with its own drivers. To use the tool, first download and install MotioninJoy then on your computer you will find the “DS3 Tool”. Start the tool and connect your controller. After a few seconds, the controller will appear in the “Driver Manager” tab. Use the “Load Driver” button to install the appropriate driver. Now you can close the “DS3 Tool” again and do the rest of the configuration in “Better DS3”.


  • Clear user interface
  • Several profiles can be saved
  • Individual key assignment
  • Shows status of the battery
  • The  software runs on both 64-bit and 32-bit
  • It is totally free of advertisement


  • Requires MotioninJoy driver 0.7.1001

 Features of Download Better DS3 for windows:

  • It supporting XInput and DirectInput
  • Vibration strength and LED assignment per profile
  • It handles pairing of Bluetooth
  • It never needs an administrative license

Download Better DS3 PC Version


Better DS3 for Windows saves you from dealing with the ugly DS3 Tool – you do not have to do without functions. If you want to use a PlayStation controller on the PC, “Better DS3” is the tool of choice. Only the additional driver installation is negative.

In Windows XP and Windows Vista, you also need the .NET Framework 3.5.Download Better DS3 Free

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