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CS Ledger is a free accounting and finance software which manage all accountancy matters of your business i.e. invoices, receipts, stocks, inventory etc.

CS Ledger is one of the successful accounting and finance software developed and designed by CS Ledger. To download the instant CS Ledger on your desktop and Smart Phones, click on the “download” button given at the end of this page/article.

In-depth Review of CS Ledger:

is the best accounting and finance software for the small business holders. It helps them to manage and run their business related accountant and finance affairs easily and carefully.

No one can refute from the role and importance of computer technology in our business industry. It is now an admitted fact that our whole industrial system is now running on the basis of modern technology of computing and sciences. Even a movement of the single penny is now managed by accounting software and programs. This modern and fast technology enforced the business holders and industrialists to use a computer to manage their financial credits.

CS Ledger Latest Version

CS Ledger Latest Version

CS Ledger is capable of recording, managing and run all the finance and accounts matter of small level business. It is able to handle and keep the record of millions of transactions. Furthermore, it is designed to manage the human resource as well. That’s why it is called multi users accounting software. It can handle up to 25 users at once.

CS Ledger, along with millions of transactions and human resource management capability, it also organizes the inventories, invoices, receipts, stocks, time sheets, orders, customer quotes, direct sale and acknowledgment etc. It keeps an eye on your all accounting affairs and finally, it presents a detailed report about income and expenses in your business. You can check the balance sheets and all the financial transactions including statements.

CS Ledger comes with user-friendly and interactive Graphical User Interface. It is very easy to understand and use. The beginner can also easily use this accounting software. It provides quick and complete access to all feature and tools for the smooth running of your business finance matters. You have full control on all of its components, tools, and settings. It has customs settings which mean you can change the settings as per your requirements and needs.

CS Ledger is for small business holders and helps them to manage their company accounts without hassle. It saves all the records including receivable accounts, payable accounts, time sheets, orders and all other accounts issues. It also makes you authoritative to modify the record if you need. But no one can get the access to the software as it has Applocker and you can lock it.

Overall, CS Ledger is the best accounting and finance software for small business holders to handle, manage and keep the record of their business accounts and financial affairs. It saves all entries and imports a detailed report in CSV format.

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Features of CS Ledger:

  • Run day to day bookkeeping.
  • Easily manage millions of transactions.
  • Generate report and imports in CSV format.
  • Keeps all the records of finances.
  • Importable files for bill payments.
  • User-friendly graphical user interface.
  • Easy to use and well-organized tools.
  • 100% safe and secure.
  • Free from any security threat.
  • Password based to lock all the data.
  • Facilitate the user to modify the record.
  • Multi-user based.
  • Capable of managing 25 users at once.
  • Flexible reporting system.
  • Inbuilt accounting tools.


Name:             CS Ledger

Size:               29.7 GB

License:         Freeware.

Language:      Multilingual.

Price:              Free

System Requirements:

Processor:                  Intel Pentium 4

Hard Disk:                 50 MB available.

Screen resolution:    Direct X9 graphics

Memory:                    512 MB

Systems:                    Window XP/Vista/7/8

Free Download CS Ledger:

Click on the following “Download Now” button to download CS Ledger free on your desktop and devices. If you find it useful and constructive, share it with your friends.

CS Ledger

CS Ledger

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