CyberLink WaveEditor is an audio recording and editing tool which allows you to apply/remove different effects to music files as well as to record your own music song audio in a professional way. Download CyberLink WaveEditor free.

CyberLink WaveEditor Review

CyberLink WaveEditor is a powerful media suite that offers music files editing by applying or removing alike effects. Furthermore it allows you to record your own music audio. CyberLink WaveEditor media suit has outstanding video editor that meets all your requirements.

A letter is half of the meeting, in the same way; audio is the half of the movie experience. CyberLink WaveEditor has built-in AudioDirector which makes editing and fixing the audio tracks very simply and fast. The built-in visual editing tool offers you to replacement of dialogue in a video clip. Thus you can align your post recorded audio into a video.

CyberLink WaveEditor is supportive to all popular audio formats i.e. MP3, WMA (Windows Media Audio), WAV (Waveform Audio File), Digital Audio Tape, Broadcast Wave Format, ADX, Piano Roll, Module File, etc. To use this application, open it, go to File, select Import Track, double click on the file and import to audio editor. If you want to record your own music file in your own voice, click on Microphone icon and start recording. After importing or recording your audio/ music file, CyberLink WaveEditor allows you to perform different operations and add different effects like silence mode, reverse, chorus, distortion, fading or normalization, etc.

CyberLink WaveEditor has integrated “Track Alternative”. This feature permits you to sample dissimilar recording and effects on a single track. Similarly you can also add various audio tracks to the same timeline. There are hundreds of format and effect which you can apply to your music files effortlessly like speed, background sounds, amplify or pitch, etc.
CyberLink WaveEditor AudioDirector permits you to import video in common and 360 formats for the purpose of audio editing. After import video/audios, you can also send your work back to built-in PowerDirector that apply some final touches to make them professional and a masterpiece of your work. The incorporated Pitch Bender perfectly refurbishes the pitch of your audio files by setting some key frame points. Moreover CyberLink WaveEditor offers Stereo Expander that gives your audio tracks a wider stereo presence as well as sound fuller.

CyberLink WaveEditor
CyberLink WaveEditor

Finally, there is no option before me except to recommend you download and install CyberLink WaveEditor. It comes with “Restoration Adjustment Tools” that makes your audio files very clean by removing distracting breathy sounds. It also clear unwanted background noise with distortion caused by clipping. Furthermore restoration adjustment tool clears all the hissing sounds from your audio files and gives relieves from the low frequency audio relic.

CyberLink WaveEditor Features

Edit the audio files.
Record your own music albums.
Applies different effects and gives a professional touch to your audio files.
Supportive to all audio formats.
Easy to download, install and use.
Intuitive user friendly interface.
Compatible with all O.S.
Supportive to file importing.
Multi-Channel Device Recording.
Group Track Selection for Adjustment.
Auto-Fit Background music tool.
Pitch Bender.
Stereo Expander.
Fastest loading and conversion.
Accuracy Audio-Visual Syncing.
Replacement of dialogue / audio in video clips.
Imports video in 360 formats.
Removes all unwanted background noise and distortion from music files.

System Requirements for CyberLink WaveEditor

Software Name: CyberLink WaveEditor
Developer: CyberLink
Release Date: October, 2018
File Size: 63 MB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7
Processor (CPU): Multi-Core Intel with 64 Bit
Graphics Processor: 128 MB
Memory: 2 GB
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768, 16-bit color or onward.
Language: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese.
Price: Free

Download CyberLink WaveEditor Free

SO for What U R Waiting!!!! Click on following button to download CyberLink WaveEditor Free.

Download CyberLink WaveEditor
Download CyberLink WaveEditor
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