Download Desktop Reminder for Windows 10


If you’re ever worried about any important tasks that you may have missed due to workload and have been busy with your screens and want some solid reminder to wake you up, then don’t worry! The desktop reminder is here, it is a simple and effective program that is all yours. It can alert you to your most important enlisted schedules and also ensures that you never miss an important meeting. If you’re spending most of your time with computers than it is obvious to add reminders on your screens.  

It is a good substitute for the programs you already installed in your computers and it doesn’t require much space and is the perfect tool for preoccupied people who have a hard time keeping up with their pending tasks.

Why should I go for the desktop reminder?

This program is fairly, most convenient to use and everybody can easily understand desktop reminder tools because it has almost all the basic things that any planner needs to have. Here are some most important features of the desktop reminder: 

  • This program installs a desktop icon itself and uninstalls cleanly. It has different sections according to the user requirements and every section is partitioned with an area where scheduled tasks are listed and also with few buttons.
  • It’s too friendly for the beginners when they first set their schedule reminders, every tool is understandable when you simply enter the date, time, details of the task and alarm sound if you want and repetition of the reminder according to your choice.
  • Desktop reminder lets you set your priority levels for your tasks and also lets you mark some of your tasks as urgent. It also has the feature to set colors for your tasks as you like according to your priorities, and sends you a reminder a month or a week before, according to your settings.
  • The desktop reminder is almost like a calendar and shows the scheduled tasks in specific sequence. Desktop reminder sends you notifications on your screen so that you can see on your desktop screen and grab that moment quickly. 

Desktop reminder offers trouble-free and spontaneous task planner in a calendar style and also MS Office style, task list also sets with visual icons for missed, urgent and due tasks, date guide with bold dates for upcoming tasks, yearly, monthly, weekly or daily tasks with recurring schedules, upcoming international holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, customizable font size and easy installation.

So no need to worry, because remaining updated was never easier before! Kudos to Desktop Reminder for solving our problems!

You can Download Desktop Reminder By Following link.

Download Desktop Reminder for Windows 10

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