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Fiddler is easily controls and edits the web sessions. Fiddler helps you in handling the traffic between the internet and the specific computers.

Fiddler review

Fiddler is a debugging web tool, which main work is to be testing the web applications. It will test the logging and each and every request which is made by user to the web server. Fiddler can be used for multipurpose; we can do malware analysis through that tool and increase the security and the performance of the System.


Fiddler is basically design for website service and debugging and mobile development and debugging. In website service and debugging it will record the traffic between the internet and specific web machine. You can create the multiple instant at the same time and save the web session. There is header, JSON; XML reports are included in traffic details. It will control and record all the incoming and out coming traffic data that come on the website from the proxy channels.

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Fiddle user interface is not a simple as like other networking tools. It has lot of variety of functions that performs by that tool; there are lots of features in it with the advance knowledge. If you want for details debug information you can create the offline images for the browsing experience and then you will analyze it. Fiddle is the best tool for the website service and debugging.

Fiddler Features

  • Logs all HTTP(s) Traffic from internet to your web machine
  • Record and maintain all incoming and outgoing data
  • Support Proxy use likes webs browser iPad and iPhone
  • Increase the performance report thorough increase response time
  • Testing and debugging web application and mobile application
  • Able to sniff the data from the any platform that proxy use feature
  • Contain power full event based subscripting subsystem

Fiddler System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

Hard Disk: 12MB

.Net Framework in necessary

Processor: 1GHZ

RAM: 1GB + 2GB highly recommended

Fiddler Free Download

Fiddler is the best ever tool for debugging and maintain the log of HTTP(s) traffic internet to web machine. Click on the “Download Now” button to download the Fiddler.


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