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Download Hide My VPN – Do you want to surf the internet without limits and safely? Then we have what you need … Know this service … What is Hide My IP? It is a service that will allow you to access all sites without restriction, surfing anonymously and securely, with strong encryption so you do not run any risk on the web.

Download Hide My IP

Characteristics of download Hide My IP VPN for PC:

With hide My IP you can access all the services of a VPN and more:


You can browse anonymously to prevent other people from knowing your IP address, you can change it constantly, encrypt your connection and even send emails anonymously.

Hide your IP:

Hide your IP address is really very simple, with a single click you can install a fake IP in any browser, including Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape, etc.

The Return to Normal:

You will not have to do anything special to return your internet configuration to normal, you just have to close the program.

A leader in the Market:

Since 2006, Hide My IP has been awarded as the leader in providing solutions related to online privacy.


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The Hide My IP user interface is very simple to use, has dozens of special features and thousands of IP addresses from around the world.

Premium Services:

You will be able to access not only IP address changes, but you will also have access to Hide My IP full, including Yahoo, Outlook, Skype, Windows Mail, video games, and much more.

Download Hide My IP

How to get download Hide My IP VPN for PC?

Accessing the service is very free, you just have to select the option to download Hide My IP, and you must complete the registration form and choose the payment method.

You can make your payment with Visa, Discover, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal or Bitcoin. It is a one-time payment of $ 29.95.

You can also access the Hide My IP Premium service for $ 2.95 per month or a single payment of $ 34.95. This service gives you access to applications for all devices, access to servers in 110 cities, 5 simultaneous connections and the free Hide My IP Smart DNS Proxy service.

It is worth mentioning that Hide My IP has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, with which you can request a full refund of your money, in the case of testing the service and not being satisfied with the results obtained.

Download Free Hide My IP VPN

Extra Services:

Below we will make a list of other Hide My IP services that you can access:

Cookie Crumble:

It is a service that allows you to delete certain cookies, remove them quickly from browsers, delete passwords, prevent web pages from following your activity, block cookies automatically, delete cookies from a pre-established list every time Change the IP with Hide My IP.

Spoof My Wi-Fi:

It is an application for MAC with which you can change the address by just one click, avoid the prohibitions of online games, clone the addresses of other computers, obtain an address against hacker and prohibitions, etc.

Auto Wipe PC Pro:

 It is an application that you run to safely erase information from your hard drive, it is easy to use, you do not need any boot cd, you do not necessarily have to change your BIOS settings and it is compatible with any version of Windows.

Firewall Fortify:

With this service you can prevent your financial information from being stolen, you will have a monitoring of your internet connection with alerts in real time when you execute the application, the surveillance and protection are activated immediately, you can also protect any data, email, passwords, etc.

Do not Spy on Me:

This application allows you to send decoy mails to detect who the hackers are, you will have a false icon to record any suspicious activity, you will be able to monitor chats, emails, documents, files, etc., you will also have records and see them at all times.


This service allows you to: Analyze 3 variants of keyloggers (counter captures, Windows driver and hook system), find out who connects to your computer without asking permission, reveal the open ports and the programs that are open in each one, find programs that are invisible, spyware, hacking tools and so on.

Clear My History:

This Hide My IP application allows you to erase cookies, passwords that are saved, history, temporary files, clipboard data, list of recent documents, specific settings, etc.

Advantages of Download Hide My IP VPN for PC:

  • It allows encrypted and anonymous browsing.
  • You can access any web page without restrictions.
  • It has compatibility with any device and operating system.
  • You can send emails anonymously.
  • It has a 30-day guarantee.
  • You can hide your identity on the internet.
  • It has a wide variety of products.
  • You can skip government controls.

Download Hide My IP VPN for PC Free

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Download Hide My IP VPN

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