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Download Magic Set Editor – Magic Set Editor (MSE) is a software use for famous trading games to design your own cards. You can upload or print images of cards to the website generated by MSE. Valuable data about the number of rare, average mana cost etc. will be shown by statics windows of download MSE. You can download your finished set to file Hypertext Markup Language to use the Internet and you can start with your online card.

The Magic Set Editor is a nice tool to quickly and easily design beautiful magic card yourself. Download Magic Set Editor (MSE) is a free program for developing maps for Magic the Gathering and other card games. Magic Set Editor can display images, print maps, display charts of a set of maps and generate spoilers of a set for publication on the Internet.

The download Magic Set Editor (MSE) is considered one of the best editors available. It no longer updates but works in all versions of Windows. It is easy to use and intuitive when other similar programs complicate the process too much.

The download Magic Set Editor (MSE) automatically replaces individual capital letters and numbers with mana symbols in the main text field and in the mana cost field, which can cause unwanted effects. Sometimes you can avoid this problem, but not always. So if you have information that often includes a single capital letter, then put it better in the anecdote text box.

Advantages of download Magic Set Editor (MSE)

  • You can easily create your own card for game Hecatomb, Yu-Gi-oh! , VS System, Anachronism, Pokémon etc.
  • All design can save in one place
  • You can make genuine looking pictures of your cards
  • You can play with your card in beginner and Lackey CCG (Collectible Card Game)

Options of download Magic Set Editor

Download Magic Set Editor Free

  1. Create new card
  2. Delete marked card
  3. Main screen- map creation
  4. Default information about the set; Editing the set icon
  5. Here you can switch between card types (to Planes walker, Split, Flip etc…)
  6. Here you can create your own keywords or edit existing ones (unimportant)
  7. statistics (unimportant)
  8. Here you can add a gravestone if the card has an effect in the Graveyard
  9. Name of the card
  10. mana cost (B = black, U = blue, G = green, W = white, R = red) – for 1 red and white hybrid mana: R/W; for black-green: B/G etc.
  11. Insert picture, double-click to search the hard disk; Right click to insert a picture from the memory
  12. Type line (Creature, Land, Planes walker etc)
  13. Subtype line (Goblin, Arcane, Ajani etc.) automatically writes after the type line
  14. Set icon (Rarity)
  15. Card Text – If you are unsure of the order in which the abilities must end up on the map, just look at a few other cards with the appropriate abilities
  16. Flavor text (does not take up space in the textbox until something is written in)
  17. Watermarks (basic-land symbols, guild symbols from Ravnica etc.)
  18. Name of the artist
  19. Power/Toughness
  20. The frame of the card- automatically adjusts to the color in the mana cost; to get a colored border for multicolor cards (which looks much better) left click -> check the desired colors in the list
  21. Card edge (unimportant)


Download Auto Clicker Free Latest Version

Download Mumble Latest Version

The lines and boxes on the map can be turned on/off with “Edit->”Preferences”-> “Display”->”Show boxes and hints for editing”. There you should definitely check “High-quality rendering” if it is not already checked. This option simply improves the quality of the appearance of text on the map.

Download Magic Set Editor Latest Version Now

Click on the download button shown below in order to start to download the latest version of the Magic Set Editor. Share your valuable feedback with us in the form of comments below.

Download Magic Set Editor

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