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Download Manager is used to download products from the internet. It is used to download audio, video, movies, software, program, files and documents from different locations at the same time with boost up speed.

Generally download manager is used to download videos directly from YouTube; however the instant download manager can be used to download any product from the internet. It works equally with all browsers.

Download managers generally featured with two functions both of which assist us to download files from the internet easily.

The first and primary function is to improve and increase the speed of downloading process by facilitating you to download parts of the similar file from several locations at once, thus it assists to keep you away from server blockages.

The second function is hold up for download recommencement. It comes often that during the downloading, the process interrupted due to sudden internet slow connection, any fault in computer, breakdown of electricity (in case you use Desktop computer) or downloading interrupted due to whatever so any reason. When the situation restore, it starts downloading the resume process from it was stopped.

Free Download Manager is a valuable tool that tenders both instant functions, including numerous other features. Furthermore, it is a portable product; it means you can copy it to your USB drive. Now you can run it on any PC or computer from the USB, without downloading or installation process.

When you download any content (audio, video, files, documents, movies, songs, program / software), the download items are automatically saved in folder in USB drive. It’ll, as well, permit you to own benefits of browser integration, which means that it has been integrated for all browser extensions including chrome, safari, Opera etc.

Download Manager

The instant free download manager allows you to download directly from the server whatever you want to download. The installation of download manager completes within few minutes and put no burden on your system hard drive as it is very light weight but heavy in features and functions. It allows you to download songs, movies, dramas, TV series, documents, software, anything else you desire to download from internet.

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After thorough study and practically implementing the instant download manager, I have no hesitation to say that it is the best download manager for any sort of computer users. You can also download it for your android, tablet or any mobile device. It has following exclusive features, for which it is considered one of the best download managers.

  • Portable (copy it to USB drive and run on computer, without installation).
  • Download any product from internet free.
  • Download multiple contents from multiple locations at the same time.
  • Speed up the performance of downloads.
  • Automatically saves download products in targeted folders.
  • Resume the downloading process from where it was stopped.
  • Browser integration.
  • Free to download and for lifetime.
  • User friendly usage, no complexity or troubles.
  • Very simple and easy to use.

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Download Manager Particulars

Name:                   Download Manager 5.1.36 (64-bit)

Updated:              11 May, 2018

Developers:         Free Download

License:               Freeware

Software Cost:    Free

O.S:                      Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista,                                                                         Windows XP and Mac OS X.

Download Manager

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