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Notepad++ over the years has gained popularity amongst millions of users worldwide.  This editing software has developed craze among people for using it, however, unfortunately it’s not available for operating systems such as Linux and Mac it’s only available for Windows operating system. But never mind if you are fans of notepad++ but are using MAC we are here for you and will provide you with the best possible alternatives. The following are some of the best available editing software’s as replacements for notepad++ for Mac.  As notepad++ is an online source editor, it is free to use but the alternatives might not be completely free, you need to pay to have all features of these editing software’s so that you can have an alternate for notepad++ for Mac.

  1. Sublime Text

This editing software is one of the best replacements of notepad++ for Mac. It consists of a variety of features, its comfortable to work with it navigates you through out. Its functionality can be extended, it contains the command palette and has a consistent cross platform. Moreover it’s easy to get started with and has portable settings with a dynamic build system.  The cons include some of these, it’s paid and does not support multi languages, it does not have a toolbar and loading larger files is a hectic job.

  1. ATOM

This text editor is another alternative that can be considered for a replacement of notepad++ for Mac. The best thing about this software is that it can be easily understood. And being an open source editing tool its features are completely at your disposal. Features include GIT Integration or Conflict management, color display, modal control, highlighters, project management and so on. The cons of this open source alternative for notepad++ are that at times it may be sluggish to use and that the documentation is spotty in places, which makes it hard for the users to understand at times.


Another free alternate for notepad++ for Mac is the Brackets software. The code completion is out of the box, and being completely free is a plus point. Moreover it just takes half the size of Atom. The editing is not lethargic it’s the easiest amongst the other editors. The cons are that it needs plugins and packages to be complete, only supports web languages out of the box, it has a smaller community than Atom and is not frequently updated as Atom.

  1. Komodo EDIT

The last on our list is the Komodo Edit which is another alternate option for notepad++ for Mac. It’s basically an IDE (Integrated developed environment) as it is an online editor also. Mark down viewing, auto complete, change tracking and multi language support features allow a person to consider this is a choice as a replacement for notepad++ for Mac. However this editor is not very light weight and it adds project files to project codes. 

These were some of the best alternates for notepad++ for Mac, some of them having a minimal amount to be paid to use and some on the other hand can be freely downloaded for Mac. Being open source in nature makes them stand out from the other editing software’s as replacement of notepad++ available in market for Mac.

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