Download OpenedFilesView v1.86 Free

What is OpenedFilesView?

OpenedFilesView is an approachable software that shows the list of currently opened files in your system, along with detailed information of files like size of file, creation date, pathways, attributes and modification if did. Free Download OpenedFilesView v1.86.

OpenedFilesView Review

OpenedFilesView is approachable, interesting, accessible and helpful software for every computer user. It shows the entire list of those files which are currently open in your system.

Download OpenedFilesView v1.86 Free
Download OpenedFilesView v1.86 Free

After successful installation, OpenedFilesView automatically shows the list of files which are currently open in your system. It shows a lot of other information about these files like when this file was created, when it was modified, and where the file is located. Moreover it also shows the handle code and attributes of the file. It also shows the file size along with access type (read, write, delete and shared write, etc.)

OpenedFilesView has very institutive, easy-to-use and navigation based interface. It permits you to see the access code extension of files as well as their process ID, file name and location of file. If OpenedFilesView shows a list of 1000+ opened files in your system, it will also show the instant information of those files at a time in a well-organized way.

OpenedFilesView v1.86 Download Free
OpenedFilesView v1.86 Download Free

OpenedFilesView enables you to export the entire list for the purpose of closer view. In addition, you can copy any entry to the clipboard and close handles of files. Without leaving the OpenedFilesView, you can open any file’s location in Windows Explorer and bring or kill a process. If you want to search a file with a particular name, you can also find or track any file simply by function Ctrl F.

OpenedFilesView lets you allow closing all those files which you want to close but can’t do this due a system error. Similarly you can also delete, move or open any file that you are trying to open, delete or move but can’t do it and receive the message “You cannot delete this file as it is being used by another person or system file”. Using OpenedFilesView you can delete or move all such files.

OpenedFilesView v1.86 Download
OpenedFilesView v1.86 Download

Finally, I recommend every computer user to download OpenedFilesView and install it on your system. It shows a complete list of files opened in your system. It will also shows the creation date of those files, location, last modification date, file size and attributes, handle code, process name, ID and path. 

What’s New in OpenedFilesView v1.86?

Send the data to stdout when specifying an empty string i.e. OpenedFilesView.exe /scomma ””.

OpenedFilesView Features
  1. Intuitive and innovative user interface.
  2. Opens entire list of opened files in your PC at a time.
  3. Shows creation date of file.
  4. Provides location of file.
  5. Enables you to see the file size and attributes.
  6. Displays the file pathway and access type.
  7. Delete all those files which you can’t delete due to system error.
  8. Kill process in PC.
  9. Allows you to export any file for closer inspection.
  10. Open file’s location in Windows explorer.
System Requirements for OpenedFilesView

Software Name:              OpenedFilesView v1.86

Developer:                      NirSoft

Date added:                    February 8, 2019

Free Hard Disk Space:    500 MB

RAM:                              258 MB

Operating Systems:        Windows 7 32/64 bit, Win 8 32/64 bit, Win 10 32/64 bit, Windows Vista and XP.

File Size:                         153 KB

Price:                              Free

Download OpenedFilesView v1.86 Free

SO for What U R Waiting!!!! Click on following button to download OpenedFilesView (version 1.86) Free.

Download OpenedFilesView
Download OpenedFilesView
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