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Pandora Recovery Software Review

Do you want to have enduringly wiped out files back? Or you are in awe of files that you have deleted long time ago? Now leave-taking frets about such concern. Here is Pandora Recovery Software to take files back successfully without regarding the fact that how long has been file deleted.

Pandora Recovery can recover NTFS traits & Alternate Data Streams. However, it can display image & text file types.

More, it can re-establish the data even if it is overwritten.

Neither it stop the browsing of data nor the searching of data and the undelete files from NTFS or FAT. Also, it let you preview and repossess the file from hard drive or flash drive or memory card.

This software has the very good handling of the archived and encrypted files. Plus tackle the hidden and compressed files and pick up Alternate Data Stream (ADS).

Pandora Recovery Software

If you are staring for unique Wizard interface or hints or context-sensitive help- Pandora Recovery will facilitate you all.

You may enjoy its portable version- Pandora Mobile Recovery. Great news! Do not you think the same? You may directly take this app from the USB stick as well.

To see what is recovered or what is not recovered?, is not the big concern now.  Through “% of overwritten” for files, you may know it easily.


Along with this free data recovery, you can browse and search the directory tree of lost files effectively. Idyllic recovery loss data!

With Built-in-view you can preview the clean files from the clusters of format. Amazingly good to see files from a heap of it! No matter what type of text file you like to preview.  Rather you choose bat or css, in or log, text or xml you may have all these instantly. The most exciting quality of preview is that along it you can achieve the loss data recovery directly. Blissful data recovery software for you!

Although Pandora Recovery is very active on the NTFS formatted drive due to the better upturn of recently missing files its presence overall enhance the SHIELD of your system hence productivity.

Pandora Recovery Software features

  • Provide full analysis of the hard drives while searching lost data.
  • Have surface scan quality.
  • It is capable to recover music or video or document e.t.c.
  • Get back compressed or hidden or archived data strongly.
  • You can preview the results after scanning.
  • Can run directly from USB.
  • Has innate interface.

Pandora Recovery Software System requirements

  • Windows XP or Vista/7/8/10
  • No need for other requirements.

Pandora Recovery Software Download Free

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Pandora Recovery Software

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