Download Penalty Fever 1.0

Penalty Fever 1.0 is the eventual soccer shootout competition to entertain you.

In this game, the player has to kick the soccer ball to get the goal. Next, your key and secure your goals.

So to enjoy the football game on your phone is no more the figment of your imagination.

Penalty Fever 1.0 Review

Everyone loves to play and when you are facilitated to play in your room then there will be no better entertainment than this. Agree?

Well if you join this fantastic game you will enjoy a lot surely.

Being player you have to go through crucial timing and fast reflexes but if you have the potentials and luck you can win easily.

Either you take the shot or play as the goalkeeper you have to tackle decisive situations.

Luckily in each game, you will be FIRST to take the shot. What the bonus?

Keep in mind that the game needs Flash to work in latest browsers.

Do you know the price of it? It’s free!

No more tension about the budget to play this soccer game-works as the REAL SOURCE of enjoyment that costs zero.

Penalty Fever 1.0 is the awesome soccer match to have fun.

Penalty Fever 1.0 Features

  • Soccer shootout game.
  • Player take shot as well as goalkeeper role.
  • Always in every game player (you) have the first shot.
  • Easy to play.

Penalty Fever 1.0 System Requirements

Android 2.3.3-4.3

Penalty Fever 1.0 Free Download

To entertain yourself “download” this app. And enjoy the football game in your territory!

Penalty Fever 1.0

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