Download Picasa for Windows 8 For Free

Today, everyone likes to capture their special moments and share those images on social media with his or her friends and family. If you think of an image, which is not perfect for sharing then it is not a big deal. You can easily edit your pictures without spending money. You can easily get photo editing softwares from internet available online. Competition is at its peak and every company is generating updated programs.

You can find different leading softwares with unlimited editing options which are entirely free. Photo editing was never popular but now with the latest android devices, it is much more convenient and quick. But if you want to use some advance features and tools for editing you need some other program which is not built in your device or system. Everybody wants to have a digital record of his or her precious moments, whether he or she wants to edit family photos or some professional images. It is very common to edit pictures and millions of people around the world use editing softwares. 

No matter why you want to edit your pictures, you can easily access photo editing softwares for free. And you can do editing of your pictures according to your needs and choice on your own. Today you will read about a photo editing software Picasa. Download Picasa for Windows 8 is free editing software and you can do anything with your images. You can easily manage your images and share them, view them in slideshows; also you can create video presentations and lots of things.

Google has bought the Safe Picasa download from its original owner, in 2004, Picasa has been presented to the public for free. In the free version, you can get all the features for organizing and editing images. The setup kit is half Mb large and once you complete the installation process, you can also set Picasa as your default image viewer. 

While Picasa is still not certified to operate with Windows 8, a huge number of people have installed it and are using it every day.  Picasa opens and runs on the desktop because it is not a Windows 8 App. If you want to make compatible Windows 8 with your Picasa, you need to follow some details.

Download Picasa for Windows 8

Picasa didn’t run on the Start screen but on the desktop. You will see Windows explorer on the desktop, now visit the website  and click on the blue button mentioned Download Picasa. Run the program to start installing Picasa, after starting the program you need to set the first screen to your my Pictures folder. Now go to the Tools menu and tap on Folder Manager to set the folders for scanning.

Download Picasa for Windows 8 once installed in your system, it will search for all the photos in HD and displays them in an attractive interface. Presentation of the images is one of the best features of the software. You can transfer your images on a CD and it can generate slideshow on full screen. You are free to arrange the printing options according to your choice to extract the images from your digital camera. Now, you are able to make your own album which you ever wanted to and can see your photos whenever you want.

Download Picasa for Windows 8 has different benefits, as it has attention grabbing effects, able to create movies, montages, and screensavers. You can also share online from Picasa, and once you install this program your photos will be Picasa photos. Besides all the pros, face recognition is still a drawback.

You will start loving the Picasa Software once you use it for only few minutes, and you will realize soon that there is no other program which gives you such straightforwardness and elasticity in organizing images. 

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