Download Portable UnHackME 9.30 Version

Download portable UnHackME 9.30 version free for windows. This is updates of UnHackMe 9.20 and its removes Trojans, spyware, virus and annoying programs from your system

Portable UnHackME 9.30 Review

Portable UnHackME 9.30 has a very simple user interface. It was developed by anti root-Kit software. If you system is hacked by someone or your system is full of spyware and Trojans then this is best solution of all kind of that problems. It will work extremely fast, with in one minute is will remove all the unwanted programs from you System.

There is basically three mods of checking the spyware and remove unwanted program and Trojans. First one is normal mode, in normal mode it will detect the spyware, malware and Trojans in the system and them immediate to remove that kind of programs. The 2nd mode is offline mode is which when we connect an external source to our system it will check that the source we connect its malware or not. It will scan it and then we use it.

Portable UnHackMe 9.30

The third mode is remote checking of your System by its log file. Let’s my friend having a problem with his PC or System, so he send me his log file and then I will check it through Portable UnHackMe 9.30. After sometime it will show me result if there is some annoying logs that is detect in processing then I will tell him to remove that, so on that’s way its work remotely.

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If you think that Portable UnHackME 9.30 is acting like a antivirus, then you think it in a wrong way. It is not acting like an antivirus; it has some different strategy to sort out the problem. It will not only scan your computer it’s also look like MSConfig on Steroids!

Portable UnHackMe 9.30 Features

  • Remove all the annoying program and delete the Trojans from your system
  • Checking for Adware, Spyware and the junk files
  • Speed up and stable your PC Performance through delete the unwanted programs
  • Scan in offline mode which makes more protect to your System
  • Testing your DNS and host name setting
  • Remotely checkup the pc and its log file
  • Save you from hackers and key loggers types of software

Portable UnHackMe 9.30 System Requirements 

Operating System: Windows 7 + all windows updated version

Developer: Greatis software

License: Shareware

Language: English + Russian Version

File Size: 44.73 MB

File Name:

Portable UnHackMe 9.30 Free Download

Click on the “Download Now” button to download the free setup of Portable UnHackMe 9.30. Its free and complete offline setup.

Portable UnHackMe 9.30

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