Download Scratch 1.4

Scratch 1.4 is the free Window application that Okays you to create cool graphics animation genuinely.

Plus you can combine graphics, resonance, music, and photos to generate impressive animation or game or slide show.

Accordingly, terrific graphics or animations are at your desktop merely with tiny click.

Scratch 1.4 Review

No reservation with this app that makes possible to create the animations as good as you can. Further its controls being easy let you work freely.

Added the generated animations are in harmony with the objects or backgrounds to carry on special actions as per need.

If you desire to amend the object’s behavior it offers you graphics editor hat. Certainly, this helps you to face lesser difficulties while programming certain actions or movements.

Besides thanks to Scratch that makes the games & animation along presentation so simple for you.

Its enhanced interface lets you relief with graphic creativity.

Download Scratch 1.4

Well, it’s better blocks plus LEGO WeDo robots enhance your performance as well as skills.

Now you can create the scripts like puzzle pieces. You just could do with drag & drop the graphical blocks that snap together.

For more advancement, you can post your creations on scratch site to have new views & downloads.

More its color picker editor & altered GUI distinct it among others for its fine results.

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Usually, this MIT attempts after scratching is used to manipulate the prerecorded clips and synthesizers.

Also, its superb imaging results in the better effectiveness.

In short Scratch 1.4 acts as the remarkable raised area to add as many objects as you have to. Supplementary you can edit to the extent that you require.

Scratch 1.4 Features

  • Have motor blocks with LEGO WeDo robots.
  • Endow blocks with sensing and operators as well as lists.
  • With enhanced interface (contain the green flag, stop sign, stage, logo etc).
  • The webcam takes the pictures and makes use of them in sprites & backgrounds.
  • Paint editor with color picker.
  • Comprise of changed GUI.
  • With variants.
  • Images of good quality.
  • Simple program.

Scratch 1.4 System Requirements

 It bares minimum system requirements as:

  • Windows/ Mac/ Linux (32).
  • Hard drive space above 23 megabytes free.

Scratch 1.4 Free Download

For enhanced animation “download” the link and enjoy the SMARTNESS of this software.

Download Scratch 1.4

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