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Smart Defrag 4 is the best Disk defragmenter used to get the best possible performance of hard disk.

Smart Defrag 4 is developed and designed by IObit. To download Smart Defrag 4 free on your desktop and Smart Phones, click on the “download” button given at the end of this page/article.

In-depth Review of Smart Defrag 4

Before going into depth review of Smart Defrag 4, it is necessary to understand the concept of fragmentation and Defragmentation first.

Fragmentation is the process of storing/saving a file in various parts/areas/ folders of memory on the same hard disk.

Defragmentation is the process of reducing the process of fragmentation (storing/saving a file in the smallest number of parts or folders on the same hard disk).

Disk fragmentation (saving a file in various parts of memories in the same disk) is the main cause to slow and unstable the disk performance and its solution is disk defragmentation through which it is ensured to save the file in a smallest number of folders in a disk. Now come to the main subject.

Smart Defrag 4

Smart Defrag 4

Smart Defrag 4 is excellent software to defrag the hard disk to improve the system performance. This software has been downloaded by millions of user worldwide. The interface of Smart Defrag 4 is user intuitive and easy to operate. It is interesting that you didn’t need to become an expert first to use this software. This is designed on such way that both professional, as well as novice users, can operate it very easily.

IObit Smart Defrag 4 is verified before its launching that is it capable to fight with the viruses and other security threats. Before installing on our system, we also checked it first. So we at Pc Soft Box recommend you to download this software for smooth and silky performance of your system. This is capable of fighting with all security threats and it has in virus or Trojans.

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Features of Smart Defrag 4:

  • Ensures the hard disk safety and security.
  • Auto defragmentation.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Designed for both user’s professionals as well as the novice.
  • Protect from all security threats.
  • Improves the hard disk performance.
  • Very lightweight on system resources.
  • Already 30 Million downloads.
  • Improves the performance of SSD card.
  • Best for gamers to defrag the games.
  • Suitable for large capacity hard drives.


Name:             Smart Defrag 4

Size:               10.38 MB.

License:         Freeware.

Language:      Multi Languages.

Price:              Free.

System Requirements:

Processor:                  1 GHz or higher.

Hard Disk:                 200 MB Free Disk Space.

Memory:                    256 MB or Higher.

Support:                     32-bit and 64-bit edition.

Systems:                    Window XP/Vista/7/8.1 and Win 10.

Free Download Smart Defrag 4

Click on the following “Download Now” button to download Smart Defrag 4 free on your desktop and devices. If you find it effective and useful, share it with your friends.

Smart Defrag 4

Smart Defrag 4

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