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Stratego 012 is the interesting 2-player logic game on the board. In it, each player controls 40 pieces that represent the individual officer ranks in the army.

More this game involves players like you that have to get & take into custody the enemy’s flag. Other than this you can capture numerous pieces of enemies to stop your opponent to move or play further.

Well to experience the battle field will be the superb for the players.

Stratego 012 Review

No doubt this game is the amazing entertainment for the younger as well as for the adults equally.

If you want to enjoy the combat zone in your room then this game will be the great fun for you.

To overcome the opponent you just need to be cunning and lucky. With the little use of memory, you will be the winner.

Either you find the flag or capture it you are safe in the game. Even if you collect the pieces of enemy’s your opposite player will be in big danger.

Luckily you can enjoy this board game with its starting choices and variety of opponents.

However, you will like the game when you control the Generals, Marshals, and Spies. Also, you will have great control on Cavalry and Cannons with soldiers.

In the game when armies come to blows, only the strongest player goes on to precede more. The climax becomes more motivating and knick-knacks as soon as you charge through the armies and lead your flag in the direction of your supporter.

As you move your flag near to friend’s flag on the battlefield and “unite” them. In no time you win!

Most striking quality of this app it’s free!

So have fun without any cost seems to double the pleasures. True? Why not entertain yourself without spending the single penny?

Stratego is the model of the battlefield in the most wonderful and entertaining way logically.

Stratego 012 Features

  • With battlefield strategy.
  • Allow using memory and cunning with luck to capture enemy’s flag.
  • Involve 2-4 players.
  • Simple & interesting to play for everyone.

Stratego 012 System Requirements

  • Windows 95/ 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 Server

Stratego 012 Free Download

To have the fun with theatre of war “download” this game. Chill with it!

Download Stratego 012

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