Download Stress Relief Computer Game

Stress Relief game is a computer game which is designed to keep you relax and relieve your all angry on your computer. Sometime it happens that computer / PC or a particular app become hang and leaves its functioning. This situation leads to angry in mode. Stress relief gives you relief from this anxiety, boring and anger.

Stress Relief Game Review

Stress Relief is the best medicine for those who want their computer to throw in dust bin. It is also best tool to turn your angry mode into joy and pleasure after relieving all anger on your computer.

There are many tools which are helpful to torn out your computer into pieces. The following tools are included in this interesting game.

  • Hammer
  • Flame Thrower
  • Phaser
  • Chainsaw
  • Washer
  • Color Thrower
  • Stamp
  • Termites

So pick hammer and break out your computer screen. Pick flame thrower and burn out your PC or desktop computer screen to get rid. Pick a gun and fire at your PC. Pick a color thrower and make your screen colorful. At end, pick a washer and wash your screen from all these clutters.

Remember! These all actions like breaking out your PC screen by a hammer, burning your PC screen by Flame thrower, making your screen colorful by color thrower and turning your PC into pieces by Gun fire, etc. all these actions are not in real. This is just a game. Try it.

Click on the following download link to download game. When download complete, double click on stress reducer button. Hammer opened, right click on any area of screen, it will break. During game:

Stress Relief Game

Button 1 to 9 (F1 to F9): Choose tool.

Left mouse button:        action.

Right mouse button:      menu.

Escape button:     menu, quit / close game.

Stress Relief Game Specifications

Name:                   Stress Relief 2.0

File Size:              553 KB

Publisher:            Gemtree

Release Date:       11-04-2009

License:               Freeware

Software Cost:     Free

O.S:                      Windows 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP

Languages:          English

Download Stress Relief Game

Click on the following button to download the Free Stress Relief Game.

Stress Relief Game


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