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Tokiwa Data Recovery Review

For free data loss recovery & installation free software, Tokiwa is the remarkable podium for you. No doubt, to rescue the data is not an issue now. Even you do not be troubled about the loss of data from Recycle Bin. This is the reason for what Tokiwa Data Recovery is made. Say farewell to the panic of removal of data from the bin.

Tokiwa Data Recovery contains the single program window that can take back the disappeared data proficiently through the simple procedure.

To stimulate its importance this software offers you free data recovery. Surprisingly moved out files can be recovered freely with no fee. How appealing for all of you!

To enhance your desirability of easy recovery this software requires no installation and DLL.

Do you want to know recovery process for this app? It’s truly extremely simple. You can recapture the gone data by clicking Shift / Ctrl key only. Notwithstanding the fact, you can take the files either from the Recycle bin or from the system. Also, you can do the recovery of data from hard drive that is exterior, flash drive, and SSD card as well as other storage media.

Tokiwa Data Recovery

Above and beyond, it’s working directly proportional to its configuration.

In the vein of other data recovery, it also supports the FAT and NTFS data system. On the other hand, it is fully skilled to wipe out the needless files. More to the point it is appropriate for Window 7.

Well, if you have a preference for the portable data restoration then there would never be the better choice for you than Tokiwa data recovery. Due to the fact that it is of 412 KB, being portable is no problem. It is PORTABLE and the best fit for the FLASH or USB too.

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Once you sort out the files after the scan you can display them by means of the column header. In the company of file name the search of the vanished file becomes dynamic. That results overall better working – makes you superb in your performance. Great!

Tokiwa Data Recovery features

Its features take account of:

  • Apt for Windows 7 OS.
  • No need for DLL & fixing (installation)
  • You have to lay hand on the column header for the execution of sorted files.
  • With Shift / Ctrl key recollection of numerous files can be done.
  • Capable to restore the whole data from the directory.
  • Filename helps to search the file.
  • Well, run from the floppy disk and USB drive.
  • Can wipe out the unnecessary files.
  • It can recapture the EFS encrypted files.
  • You can undelete the NTFS squeezed files.
  • Recover data from NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12 and much more.

Tokiwa Data Recovery System Requirements

Operating System: All windows supported (64-bit) and Mac OX also.

Memory: 512 MB

File Size: 550 KB

Hard Disk: 600 MB free space.

Tokiwa Data Recovery Free Download

Click on the following “download” button to download the latest version of Tokiwa Data Recovery.

Tokiwa Data Recovery

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