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Uninstaller Pro is Uninstaller tool which lists all the uninstalled programs and their components available on your computer or PC.

Uninstaller Pro is developed and designed by UTSOFT. To download Uninstaller Pro on your desktop and Smart Phones, click on the “download” button given at the end of this page/article.

In-depth Review of Uninstaller Pro

Uninstaller Pro is Window based tool which is used to get rid of the unwanted programs completely. It not only uninstalls the program/software from your computer but removes their components also.

To meet the requirements and needs in this technological time, we need to install different software on our computers from time to time. When software installs on a computer, it installs with all of its components. However, in very rare cases, it happens that only few software have custom installation settings and allow you to install only those components which you required. In most cases, software installs along with their all components.

Uninstaller Pro

Uninstaller Pro

When our need accomplishes and installed software become useless for us, we uninstall that software from our computer. It is worth to know that 99% software doesn’t remove/uninstall from a system. They go away leaving they’re some components and traces in the computer. Resultantly when we need to reinstall the Windows or any other program to get rid of the unwanted programs, these traces and remaining components become slow.

It is pertinent to mention that operating system has Add / Remove programs itself, but even then some software doesn’t leave our computer completely and leave their traces behind. In this situation, Uninstaller Pro is the best Uninstaller software which completely removes all the unwanted and useless software/programs from your computer along with all of their components and registry files.

The interface of Uninstaller Pro is very simple and it is easier to use. No expertise or particular knowledge is required to operate this uninstaller pro. Even a layman / normal computer user can operate this very easy. It is for both professional users as well best for novice computer users.

Uninstaller Pro scans your system completely and detects all the software installed on your computer. Now you select/tick the unwanted and useless software to remove them completely. It carries out the scanning and un-installation operation with help of some inbuilt tools like Internet Traces Erase, Disk Cleanup, Startup Manager and Start Menu Manager. With help of these tools, Uninstaller Pro completely removes all unwanted program along with their components and registry files from your computer.

Overall, Uninstaller Pro is best Uninstaller program for your computer. It removes even those programs and software which can’t be removed by Window’s Inbuilt Add / Remove program. The most interesting and useful feature is that you don’t need any technical knowledge or particular expertise to operate the instant uninstaller pro. A common computer user can also operate this very easily.

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Features of Uninstaller Pro:

  • User-friendly.
  • 100% safe and secure for your PC.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Remove the unwanted program/software.
  • Remove all the components of a program.
  • Remove the registry files.
  • Remove all immovable program forcefully.
  • Optimize your computer to run smooth and silky.
  • Very lightweight on system resources.
  • Quick installation process.
  • Ad-free version.
  • Completely customizable.
  • Inbuilt Disk Cleanup.
  • Inbuilt Start Menu Manager.
  • Inbuilt Internet Traces Eraser.
  • Useful for both professional and well as novice computer users.


Name:             Uninstaller Pro

Size:               11.0 MB

License:         Freeware.

Language:      Mutli lingual.

Price:              Free

System Requirements:

Processor:                  500 MHz or higher

Hard Disk:                 35 MB Free Space.

Screen resolution:    Direct X9 graphics

Memory:                    128 MB

Systems:                    Window XP/Vista/7/8.1 and Win 10.

Free Download Uninstaller Pro:

Click on the following “Download Now” button to download Uninstaller Pro free on your desktop and devices. If you find it useful and constructive, share it with your friends.

Uninstaller Pro

Uninstaller Pro

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