Download Universal USB Installer for Windows to create Linux Bootable USB’s Stick

Universal USB Installer – If you just want to try Linux, you do not have to install the operating system right away, because there are live systems that can be used without a CD or USB installation. The latter can be done with the Universal USB Installer, which has the advantage that it is not necessary to burn a CD or DVD. With the free download Universal USB Installer for Windows, you can create bootable USB sticks. In addition, there are plenty of selectable operating systems and tools.

Download Universal USB Installer Now

Burning ISO files on DVDs or CDs in order to run them is a thing of the past. Today, emulators such as Daemon Tools Lite are used to boot images from the desktop. And if you want to try a Linux environment without installing it, you can start it from the USB stick, no matter if it’s OpenSuse, Linux Mint, Fedora, Debian or Ubuntu.

Which Linux OS should it be?

With the download Universal USB Installer for Windows, you even have the choice between all these different distributions, which you can download directly from the program after starting the tool. Then you can choose one of the Linux operating systems and install it on your USB stick. However, if you want a USB stick on which you have at the same time several systems ready to use them alternately, you use instead of the universal USB installer download the tool YUMI.

In addition, Universal USB Installer includes antivirus rescue programs such as Kaspersky and Avira, which ensure that the emulation of the Linux environment with the Universal USB Installer Download runs smoothly. In addition, you’ll find other great utilities that can help you run hardware tests or repartition your hard drive.

Download Universal USB Installer free

Universal USB Installer can run from a removable storage device such as a USB flash drive, memory card or flash disk. It does not require an installation procedure.


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Features of Universal USB Installer for Windows

  • small, free, portable software
  • Include Hard disk formatting
  • Light in weight


  • Boot Linux from the USB stick
  • Several distributions to choose from
  • Various additional tools included
  • easy to use
  • compatible with most distributions
  • Practical and uncomplicated
  • This software is completely free


  • The device must be formatted under the FAT file system in order to install the distribution into the storage medium.

System Requirements

OS: Window Vista, Window XP, Window 10, Window 8.1, Window 8, Window 7

Memory: minimum 256 Megabyte RAM

Download Universal USB Installer


It can hardly be simpler to create a bootable USB stick. Universal USB Installer allows both the use of a Linux operating system from the stick, even several distributions to choose from. Furthermore, the tool also offers various antivirus rescue programs and system tools. Much more comfortable than creating bootable CDs from ISO images is the use of Universal USB Installer anyway.Download Universal USB Installer

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