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USA Driving Simulator is an android game which has been downloaded and played by millions of gamers worldwide. The game is very attractive and interesting containing 3D graphics, 30 levels and 6 trucks with multi-challenging tasks and simulated missions.


USA Driving Simulator is a thrilling game which keeps you motivated to play on. It visits you all the major cities of USA.

You start right from the center of Austin to Las Vegas and New York. When you start, you are required to arrive at a big mansion with the wood, glass windows, and metal pipes. At the destination, you park the truck carefully and prove yourself an expert driver. In this mansion, there are ten missions which you have to complete.

After completion of these 10 missions, you will leave for Las Vegas where you are required to provide the construction material i.e. glass windows and steel based material for construction of an office. Here you will also complete the 10 missions by bringing the construction material for an office building.

USA Driving Simulator

After completion of Las Vegas missions, you will leave for New York where you will help to build an entire Mall in the center of New York. At this stage, the tasks are harder and tough. In this mission, your truck will be upgraded with bigger size, new and strong wheels with bigger loading capacity. Thus you will complete the mission with better capabilities and will become more expert in driving and parking skills.

As a matter of the fact, USA Driving Simulator a real feeling game which creates thrilling, motivate you to complete the tasks with multi features and dozens of challenges.

Features of USA Driving Simulator:

  • 3D graphics.
  • 30 attractive levels.
  • New Truck with more features in every mission.
  • Visit the 3 major cities of the USA i.e. Austin, Las Vegas and New York.
  • 6 different Trucks.
  • Expert control.
  • Parking challenges.
  • Interesting missions and tasks.
  • It’ll never make you tedious.


Name:           USA Driving Simulator

File Size:       50.4 MB

Price:             Free

Category:      Racing.

Android:       Android 2.3.3 and up

Free Download USA Driving Simulator:

Click on the following link to download the latest updated version of “USA Driving Simulator” on your android device. Enjoy this 3D graphic game and share it with your friends.

USA Driving Simulator

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