Download Visual Boy Advance Emulator Latest Version

Visual Boy Advance Emulator is a simple emulator that will give you the possibility to enjoy the games of Game Boy Advance, Super Game Boy and Game Boy on your computer.

Its method is very simple, it makes use of ROMS, which are the digital store consoles cartridges, which are on the official site of Visual Boy Advance. This emulator intends for programmers with a series of development tools: memory dump, debugging, import/export of states, graphical display of memory. The final function is interesting to obtain like, the complete plot of the map of a level.

Download Visual Boy Advance Emulator Latest Version is a GBA emulator that, like its real counterpart, is backward compatible with the games of the classic Gameboy version.

Visual Boy Advance

Functions of Visual Boy Advance

The freeware offers a variety of functions:

  • Joystick support
  • Full-screen function
  • Take screenshots/record sound
  • Save scores

For those who do not know, the advantages of this emulator over the original version of Visual Boy Advance are:

  • Improved the system of saved games
  • The ROM can compress in 7zip
  • Improvements in controls and remapping them
  • More and better filters (HQ2x, 3x, 4x etc. …) apart from that it can support the filters that you have in Kega Fusion
  • Supports multithreading if chosen as OpenGL renderer
  • Supports Vsync full screen with OpenGL
  • Improvements in the execution of some games with respect to the original emulator with patches that never integrate into that version
  • Improved sound in a multitude of games
  • Support for sound in Open AL and Xaudio format
  • The possibility of using patches in UPS format

Download Visual Boy Advance

The novelties of this new revision are

  • Several new possibilities add to compile the emulator from the source code
  • Fix a link problem with the file 2xSalmmx.asm we use the full screen the emulator image in OpenGL has to improve
  • The detection of games in libretto has been improved thanks to improvements in the header file
  • Improvements have been made that the size of the buffer does not cause mistakes
  • Emulator translation files have been improved
  • F11 remove as a hotkey for the Save States
  • Fixed an error seen in the menu in which the icons came out in excessively large sizes


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At the start of the game, you have to download ROM files from the old GBA and Gameboy game modules. There are a few websites on the net that are now offering royalty-free games for free download.

Download Free Visual Boy Advance


Gameboy emulator, which stands out by its high speed, the low resource requirements and the compatibility to almost all games positively.

If you are a Nintendo lover, you cannot miss the opportunity to play a large number of games within the same interface.

Download Visual Boy Advance Emulator Latest Version

Here is the most awaited part of the post click on the downloading button provided below in order to download the Visual Boy Advance Emulator Latest version for free. Share your valuable feedback with us in the form of comments given below.

Download Visual Boy Advance


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