Download Web Freer Browser

Download Web Freer browser proxy browser from this site. Web Freer is a Chromium-based simple browser and we have a free license of this browser you can check in the description to download it.

Web Freer Browser Review

With all the web browser is quickly becoming one of ourfavourite browsers with its many features that differentiate itself from its competitors. Web Freer Browser is the simplest web browser but also a proxy web freer browser that you’ve ever seen.

Chromium-based Web Freer smoothly fetches and surfs data with the secured protocol. We’ll also be doing a clean install the browser on a Windows 10 PC to walk you through the process on a Mac and depending on your districts. Your steps may vary now click on the download button and save it to your preferred location. Once the Web Freer browser is downloaded install it from your preferred location, click on accept and install. Once you have it completely installed, open up to the baldy browser. You’ll have this welcome screen at any time you feel that. So first ofall, it’s going to ask you to select an appearance you have several options here. We’re going to stay with the light. Now it’s going to ask you your preferred cat bar position and we’re going to leave it here at the top.

Web Freer Browser Download
Web Freer Browser Download

Now it’s going to ask you for a background picture for your start page and go with this jellyfish down here. Now let’s move to the next page and click on start browsing. Right there in the middle now you should see the default start page for the web browser. You have 3 options up here speed dial which is all these websites here bookmarks and history. Let’s take a look at speed dial here. You’ve probably seen something like this in other browsers in Web Freer. It’s a little bit different of course it has some pre-loaded websites here for you. On these tabs, you can get rid of them by clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner of each one.

So we’ll get rid of a few here what makes this page different from other browsers is that you can actually customize it. On this plus sign if you want to add a site to the start page click on the plus in the lower left-hand corner just put in the name of a website. So we’ll do YouTube here and click on add and it’s loading at YouTube right here. So if you want to click the shortcut to YouTube there you go you can use that same method for just about any other website on the Internet. If you want to add a new speed-dial folder to keep everything categorized you can click on this plus sign here up in the tab area. If you want to rename it you can rename it to anything else that you’d want so we’ll name this one news then you hit enter and in this tab. You can have just all news websites here you have bookmarks that are pretty self-explanatory.

Web Freer browser comes with pre-loaded bookmarks for you. You can get rid of whatever you want and then history since this is a clean install the only history we have is YouTube that we did earlier. Let’s go back to speed dial and let’s take a look at the menu options and Vivaldi to access the menu.
It’s a little bit different than other web browsers you have to go up to the upper left hand corner and click on the V then you have your normal options like file edit view tools window and help we’ll go over a few of the options in the menu under the file heading this is where you want to import your bookmarks and settings you can add as many web panels as you would like.

Download Web Freer Browser
Download Web Freer Browser

Web Freer browser has a couple interesting features called tab stacking and tab tiling I’ll first show you the tab stacking if you have multiple sites open and you want to group those sites
So that’s kind of interesting that concludes the Web Freer tutorial and the browser sure does have some interesting features to distinguish itself from other popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

Web Freer browser Features

  • Top notch proxy server and securely surfs the internet without any flaws.
  • No VPN is required to install. Web Freer itself acts as a proxy server.
  • Web Freer acquires Proxy server with Https secure protocol. There is no risk of using it.
  • This has a free license for both Windows versions 32 and 64 bit.
  • All of the sessions are encrypted by super 256-bit https protocol.
  • Your data safety and privacy are protected by the browser itself.
  • Chromium-based Web freer browser is simple and outclasses other browsers because of this quality.
  • The browser is compatible with all recommended Softwares like Adobe flash player and all of them runs smoothly.

Web Freer browser Specifications

OperatingSystem                 Windows XP,7,8,8.1,10

Windows version                  32 and 64 bit

License                                    Free

File Size                                   64.5 MB

FilenameWeb freer_2.0 rar

Total Downloads                   30k+

Last Update                            November 2018

Author                                     Web Freer

Processor                               1.5 GHz

RAM                                        1GB

Web Freer browser Download

Web freer is a top class proxy server that surfs all blocked sites in your area. This is a secured browser just like VPN. Download this absolutely free from the link in the description.

Web Freer browser download
Web Freer browser download
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