Download Windows 10 Creators Update

Why You Should Download Windows 10 Creators Update

Download Windows 10 Creators Update

The Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update offers the most significant update to Windows 10 since its launch, providing a layer of joyful enjoyment based on Windows 10 productivity.

Microsoft announced Wednesday morning that this free update would begin to be launched to existing users. New users will have to pay $ 120 for Windows 10 Home or $ 200 for Windows 10 Pro-Windows 10 is no longer free. Insiders already have the update of the creators, as the company also confirmed, and we used the Insider version to write this review.

This is worth the upgrade. The creator update adds many new features that Windows previously lacked. Discover Microsoft’s renewed commitment to PC gaming. Try new creative twists on Windows Ink (no stylus required – a mouse or touchpad will do), including the ability to write videos (yes, videos) and maps. Take a look at Microsoft’s Swiss Army knife, its Edge browser, which now offers 4K Netflix, ebooks, and more. Even Cortana has learned new tricks.

The 3D vision of Microsoft misses a crucial part, and it’s a pity. Still, no matter if you can barely draw a stickman, or own an old PC with a three-button mouse-Microsoft has made the Creators update available to everyone, but you’ll undoubtedly enjoy more with a touch screen and stylus.

Download Windows 10 Creators Update: Setting up Windows 10 Creators update is now a pleasant, voice-driven experience with the joyous Cortana.

A new fresh experience from the start

If you are moving to a new PC which has already Download Windows 10 Creators Update, the new Cortana (OOBE) ready-to-use experience is a charming introduction. Narrated almost exclusively by actress Jen Taylor under the name of Cortana, the OOBE is now voice-activated and nearly entirely hands-free, verbally asking you to agree to use Cortana, Windows’s default privacy settings, and so on. In all, the installation process took me about four minutes. You still have the freedom to opt out of targeted ads and other options, although Windows immediately suggests a reason you should not.

You’ll also notice a few thoughtful touches while putting your PC in top gear. Adding a Logitech mouse to my test stand prompted Windows to look for Logitech-related software. The configuration of the device is now behind the scenes; Windows will inform you that you can use a new device in a second or two. I also like how the creator update automatically adjusts your screen resolution or monitor setup instead of asking you to approve the process.

And then there are the moments “oh, wow!”: Hello Windows and Themes. The configuration of the face authentication is done almost before you know it has happened. The recognition is almost instant, too. Cortana offered me to connect to “all Microsoft applications” on Windows, but that was not the case.)

Do not neglect the themes either. For too long, Windows has been chained to generic default backgrounds. With the new theme packs in the Windows Store, you can get a background inspired by nature (or cat), including optional sounds. Windows even display different backgrounds on different monitors.

Why Gamers Should Download Windows 10 Creators Update

Gamer Gifts: Fashion Game, Beam Streaming Game

Although Microsoft has invested heavily in the Xbox One game console (whose own Windows 10 Creators Update features are currently online), Microsoft has made two key additions to PC players: Game Mode and Beam.

Remember when games like the original DOOM needed to tweak HIMEM.SYS and other boot files to gain performance. The game mode does the same, but automatically, checking the other processes running on your PC and giving priority to your game application on them. The idea is less than you will gain a few more frames per second, and more than the games will run smoothly, without snags and stuttering.

If you’re using a Titan X GPU, Game Mode is not for you: Laptops and desktops with low-end graphics will get the most out of them. But even these improvements can vary: we tried the game mode with Microsoft’s Gears of War 4 on a laptop with a discrete GPU but low power.


Why 3D Editors Should Download Windows 10 Creators Update


3D Anchor Paint is a patchwork 3D experience

If there is only one topic Microsoft developed during its collapse reflects the review of creators, that is what is true-sad, the true-the key to renewing. Therefore, it is a blasphemy that most of them are small.

You can not even realize that Windows has already hidden the following software for importing, creating / editing, viewing, and printing 3D items: 3D Scan, View 3D, and 3D Builder all collaborating to provide the 3D creative creation tool within Windows. All were already on Windows 10, and Paint 3D joined them with Update Creators.

Achille’s heel is the creation of 3D content. Microsoft promised a heck, even showing – the Capture 3D app using the mobile phone camera in 3D-scanning something as easy as taking a movie. And where? Loss of activity. Are 3D objects at the Office? No. I spend hours with a built-in 3D Scan app, connecting the Kinect deep camera to Studio Studio and trying to scan 3D stuff, including me. Those attempts failed, making it a “thing” that looked like a puddle.

Paint 3D, on the other hand, is one of the Creative Planters cars. It encourages you to create simple 3D elements in various ways or to install complex computers from the social 3D Remix site. (Looking for more? Check out our Paint 3D hands, and how to to get started.)

From there, you can export your 3D item to the existing Windows 10 existing, 3D 3D-based app. The app accurately integrates the link to the third 3D print service, which automatically includes your item and price out of its expense. But it’s sad to come that way and find out that the cost of printing is probably too high to fix the effort.

Download Windows 10 Creators Update: PROS

  • Paint 3D is a visual, dynamic presentation of 3D content
  • Looking for photos/videos is awesome
  • High PC playback with Beam, Mode Game


Download Windows 10 Creators Update: Cons

  • Which Microsoft has promised, has not yet sent (yet)
  • For new users, Windows is not available for free
  • The benefits of the Game Mode seem to be deceptive
Windows 10 Creators Update
Windows 10 Creators Update
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