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Wise System Monitor is a simple PC utility tool which cares and monitors your PC, memory usage, CUP usage, hardware, running applications, software and all other programs, running on your system.

Wise System Monitor is developed and designed by Wise Cleaner Software. This computer utility is 100% free and very simple and easy to use. To download Wise System Monitor free on your system, click on the “download” button given at the end of this page.


Wise System Monitor shows a list of program runs by user as well as user’s system. Moreover it helps the user to shut down any program which created a critical situation for your system. Generally we shut down the whole system if it hangs, but this tool helps the user to shut down only that program due to which system hanged.

Wise System Monitor

Furthermore it also display status of system and its components i.e. CUP, memory, hard disks, sound card, memory card, graphics cards, RAM, network or any other device which you attached with system. When it shows all this information, from here, you come to know the real status and position of your system.

Overall, this is a good tool to care and manage your system and keep its functional in smooth and silky way.  In addition, it also makes ensure that no suspicious app is running on your system, otherwise in case of running app, it display and alert you.

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Features of Wise System Monitor:

  • Lightweight
  • Provides deep analysis.
  • Simple and easy to use.


Title:                Wise System Monitor (1.44)

File Size:       1.53 MB (1,605,864 bytes)

License:         Freeware.

Language:     Multiple languages.

Price:              Free

Supports:       Windows (all versions)

Free Download Wise System Monitor:

Click on the following link to download Wise System Monitor free on your system. If you find it useful and valuable, share / recommend it to your friends.

Wise System Monitor

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