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X-Ways WinHex Review

If truth be told to have the strong data recovery software and forensics tool is not easy. But there is the good hearsay for you. X-Ways WinHex the well-built data loss recovery that provides you the MAXIMUM access to your data inside the PC.

X-Ways WinHex contains the tools that afford the technical core of X-Ways Forensics. Yet, it has the advanced binary editor that can access all the files, sectors, and bytes as well as bits for your PC.

Support infinite file & disk size! You may have the power of terabyte region. Means to maintain thousands of gigabyte is no harder.

All along this, you may take the pleasures of minimal memory use.

Well, to speed up your access to data is the most fabulous thing about it.

For your data analysis through it, you will notice the special file types. That endows their byte distribution for its identification.



In it, normal compressed data is quite equally distributed.

For you, another enhancement in it is the data wiping tool. Great offer for your ease!

Also, for evidence collection , you may  do good to your work with forensics tool.

Exceedingly it let you read and edit the hard drives directly. It not only permits you the FAT & NTFS, floppy disks, CD-ROMS while DVDS& COMPACT media devices also easily readable and editable.

With it, you can interpret 20 data bytes.

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Edit & read the RAM directly for you!

All in all, WinHex is the High-Quality Access to the Utmost items!  Trustworthy data recovery in the company of   forensics tool for you!

For ample details of it, you may have a look at its features.

X-Ways WinHex Features

  • With Disk Cloning & disk imaging.
  • Act as RAM editor.
  • Can analyze the files.
  • Wipe top secret files or disks.
  • Edit data structure.
  • It is capable of ASCII-EBCDIC conversion.
  • Unifying & dividing potential for odd and even bytes or words.
  • Split files that do not fit on the disk.
  • Work as reconnaissance and learning tool.
  • Help in programming and manipulating as well as cheating in computer games.
  • With view, edit and repairing system area
  • Unlimited undo potential.
  • Can jump & go back.
  • Along scripting.
  • Hiding & discovering the hide data.
  • Has API( Application Programming Interface)
  • Data recollection.
  • Contain 128-bit encryption.
  • Generate pseudo-random data.
  • Ably digest the calculations.
  • And much more.

X-Ways WinHex System Requirements

  • Windows XP
  • RAM: 256 MB or 512 MB
  • Hard Disk: 1GB free space

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X-Ways WinHex

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