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Xinorbis Software is a powerful folder, file sharer, database, hard disk, and storage analyzer. It formulates a trouble free and simple view to see the content/stuff, file sharing, and file composition and structure of a folder or mapped network device.

This software is developed by Paul Alan Freshney and published by Maximum Octopus. To download this software free on your system, click on the “download” button given at the end of this article.

Xinorbis Reviews

Xinorbis is a powerful folder, file sharer, database, hard disk and storage analyzer, which make ensure the simple to see the content of any hard disk, network drive, any external media or folder. It uses tables, graphs and tree displays to make ensure all these functions.

Xinorbis has an inbuilt powerful report engine. This engine is used to create the reports of different formats i.e. XML, CSV, HTM and text etc. The every scan, composition or report which you attempt using this software, it maintains all the records in the Folder History Archive.

Download Xinorbis Software Free

Xinorbis facilitates the user one step more. It is also equipped with the great search system. The search system let allows you finding any file from different aspects. You can find a file by name, size and date and time. If you didn’t remember name, size, date or time, you can also find with category wise, file owner and with file attributes.


Xinorbis Features

  • Capable to locate the duplicate files.
  • View file by size, name, location, attribution or date and time etc.
  • Integrated with powerful search system to search a file.
  • Equipped with powerful report engine to create a report of different formats.
  • Analyze the content of hard disk, memory cards, folders, files, SSD’s or any other external media.
  • Supportive to seamless integration with SQlite3 or ODBC for its Folder History Archive.
  • Scans directory throughout Window Explorer.

Xinorbis Specifications

Title:                         Xinorbis

File Size:                   9.17 MB (9,618,905 bytes)

License:                     Freeware

Language:                 Multiple languages.

Price:                          Free

Requirements:          Windows (all versions)

Free Download Xinorbis

Click on the following link to download the latest version of Xinorbis free on your system. If you find it useful, recommend it to your friends.

Download Xinorbis Software Free

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