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Yandex-Disk is a file transfer / file share cloud based server. It permits users to store the file on “cloud” servers and share the saved file with others.

Yandex.Disk is developed and designed by “Yandex” a Russian made search engine. First time Yandex.Disk was launched in English in Jun, 2012. To download this file transfer service on your system, click on the “download” button given at end of this page.


Yandex.Disk is a free service which allows its users to save your files on its cloud based server. You can store your photos, videos and documents in cloud server. Now you are free to get your access to these saved files at anytime. It doesn’t matter you are using what device.

Yandex.Disk facilitates the user that they not only can save their files, but also can share these stored files with their friends and colleagues.


The most secure and interesting edge of Yandex.Disk is “when you upload any file on Yandex.Disk, it automatically save in Cloud server.” Now you can get your access to this data / files any time through any device (which has internet connection). There is no chance that anyone will delete your file, or accidently your files will delete. Even in case you computer or device destroy, even then your files / documents are saved. You can open your saved data any time and share with your friends.

Features of Yandex.Disk:

  • You can create, edit, open and save documents in your browser.
  • Get access your stores files at any time.
  • Share them with your friends.
  • No risk / chance of deletion of data.
  • Disk supports to representations, spreadsheets and text documents, photos and videos.
  • Enables the user to create shared folders to collaborate with friends.
  • Ensured that your data will never again be deleted.
  • Swap large files also.


Title:                            Yandex.Disk

File Size:                   1.47 MB (1,539,496 bytes)

License:                     Freeware.

Language:                 Multiple languages.

Price:                          Free

Requirements:          Windows (all versions)

Free Download Yandex.Disk

Click on the following link to download latest version of Yandex.Disk free on your system and device. If you find this file share service useful and valuable, share / recommend it to your friends and colleagues.


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