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ZenMate VPN originates / generates a channel connecting user’s device and Zenmate Virtual Private network server. This opaque channel put off hackers, state departments and Internet Service Providers from intelligence working on your web browsing activities, downloads, credit card information or whatever thing besides you send over the network.

Zenmate is the developer and publisher of Zenmate VPN. To download this security software free on your system, click on the “download” button given at the end of this page.


ZenMate is worldwide popular VPN and its name has now become a symbol for protection of computers and devices. Its products used across the globe and downloaded millions of times. Over 39 million users are using Zenmate products to secure their systems and web browsing.

ZenMate VPN is designed to protect and secure the personal and private browsing of user. Generally when we browse, the states departments, hackers, ISPs and snoopers have access to our all browsing history but VPN stop all them and put of their access to our browsing. It encrypts all the browsers traffic and rout it via Zenmate cloud.

The snoopers and hackers spy our web browsing history through our viral IP location. But when we use ZenMate VPN, it changes our Virtual IP location and address, due to which, access of those hackers block and now you can continue your private browsing.

Zenmate VPN also offers Chrome extension. Simply switch between proxies and see the blocked website in different countries. To get ZenMate VPN, you are required to only provide your email address, once it installs, now you are out of the access of spying networks and hackers. Generally internet traffic is routed through Switzerland, but when you switch on ZenMate VPN, it changes your internet traffic rout to UK, Hong Kong, Germany or US etc.

Features of Zenmate VPN:

  • Speedy and Safe browsing.
  • Block the free ads to become visible on your screen.
  • Change your IP location (if you are sitting in California, it will shows your location in Paris or Netherland etc).
  • Make your private and personal browsing secure and protective.
  • Cut of the access of hackers, snoopers and trackers and keep you IP location hide from them or shows them changed location.
  • Protects your PC from security threats.
  • Protects you from the trackers.
  • 100% free, safe and secure.


Title:                            Zenmate VPN (5.10.1)

File Size:                   58 KB (58,909 bytes)

License:                     Freeware

Language:                 Multiple languages.

Price:                          Free

Requirements:          Windows (all versions)

Free Download Zenmate VPN

Click on the following link to download the latest version of Zenmate VPN free on your system. If you want that no one get access to the browsing history of your loved one, then share / recommend this VPN to him / her.


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