Download ZoneAlarm Antivirus Free

ZoneAlarm Antivirus is an antivirus product of ZoneAlarm which protects your system and browsing from all types of malware, viruses, Trojans and from all other security threats.

it’s made and published by ZoneAlarm, a company which provides internet security software and firewall products to consumers. To download this antivirus and firewall product free on your system, click on the “download” button given at the end of this page.


ZoneAlarm antivirus is the best and worldwide popular internet security solution. This is integrated with an antivirus or anti-spyware engine which detects all types of security threats (viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, rootkits, worms and bots etc) and blocks them to sending your data out. It provides maximum level of protection and security by combined integration of firewall and antivirus.

The requirements are bit little different from other classical security providers. For Window 7 users: 32-bit (2 GB RAM), 64-bit (4 GB RAM), 250 free space on Hard Disk and 2 GHz processor. In Window 8 users and Microsoft Windows Vista SP2 Business / Home Premium/ Ultimate, the requirements are same as for Window 7 users.

Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and SP3 Professional / Home, the requirements are: 250 MB free space on Hard Disk, 1 GHz or faster processor, 32-bit and 1 GB RAM. Although these requirements are necessary to complete for properly run this security solution on your system, however once it runs, let this would free you from all types of security tensions.


Features of ZoneAlarm Antivirus:

  • 100% free and secure your system.
  • Always up-to-dated.
  • Ever walking security solution.
  • Worldwide popular and having millions of users.
  • Detects all types of security threats.
  • Stop all these security threats (viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, rootkits, worms and bots etc) and prevent your data from leakage.
  • Integrated with antivirus engine.
  • Provide maximum level of protection by combine integration of firewall and antivirus.


File Name:                 ZoneAlarm Antivirus

File Size:                   5.71 MB (5,988,712 bytes)

License:                     Commercial trial.

Language:                 Multiple languages.

Price:                          Free

Requirements:          Windows (all versions)

Free Download ZoneAlarm Antivirus:

Click on the following link to download latest version of ZoneAlarm Antivirus free on your system. If you find it useful for your browsing and system, share / recommend it to your friends and love ones.


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