DxO PhotoLab Elite x64 Free Download

DxO Photolab Elite x64 is an old software and primarily used for image processing and offline version is available here.

DxO PhotoLab Elite x64 Overview

It looked a little bit different to DXO Photo lab you know what we’ve used for years. So we thought well we’ll download it and I’ll see if it still looks and feels like day DXO. So that’s why I thought I’ll do a quick video just to reassure existing old DXO users like me that it is still the DXO we know and love. So the same panels are here and here we’ve got exactly the same ability to customize the side menu. One thing that we have noticed is that our presets have not come over so well where in here I would have had a section saying use the presets not there so we will contact the DXO because we assume that there is a way for us to copy our presets over from the old version to the new version. So hopefully all over the lot. Everything seems to work as planned. The only little thing that’s not the same is you know on here when you if you want to get rid of something you would press delete and it would bring up the options box in the middle here.

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If we want to edit a specific image and saying you want to delete this image it doesn’t do that anymore when you hit delete. You have to hit delete here instead. That’s just one slightly annoying thing. So this is totally wrong that we did just a quick five-minute shoot a couple days ago because the restaurant has a new car that they wanted some pictures of. So when we went down to try to just take a few snaps. So this is kind of a five day of for on a tripod 6 seconds exposure to get rid of all the people cause there’s constant foot traffic behind the car here. So those of those paid label disappeared frankly. So the interesting thing about the new DX and photo lab is just this and it was like when I switched on I was thinking where is it. Where is this difference? And it’s actually here it’s the local news button. So when you bring up local adjustments I’m what I do like actually is this because you couldn’t change the size of the brush and when you change sides of your brush that I actually show you how big your brush is. It has already got some local adjustments on it and now there is you can see it.

Dxo Photo Lab X64

Now you see here that’s this little menu pops up so rather than having to control this brush tool from this site. We actually control it from right here in the brush too. I don’t know why not. Right. So I can bomb the exposure here. And we can take it down. We are about contrast; micro contrast micro contrasts actually really useful. The other thing is if you want to get rid of the change you can just click the reset here and it get in it gets rid of it keeps your brushed area. So the ego maker of the changes to it. So I don’t want to create increase contrast with the Carson thing like micro contrast is really nice because it makes cozily look shiny. Now the interesting thing about temperature tent tools is that they’re bringing in our temperature over here so you can see our blue yellow is 7 6 4 7 and our pink green is 6. So when we come over here it’s actually got those listed so we can see here that blue-green is 7 6 4 7.

Export everything else seems to be the same. So we’d definitely recommend you download it. That’s for elite users who love in photography.

DxO PhotoLab Elite x64 Features

  • Image processing Photo lab.
  • Best Quality of RAW and Jpeg images are processed.
  • Smart fixes, no bugs are seen.
  • Better photo with all pixels clear and fixed.
  • Finest manipulation with artwork.

DxO PhotoLab Elite x64 Specification

  • Name DxO Photolab Elite x64
  • Setup size 313 MB
  • Type Offline type
  • Designer DxO Photolab
  • Compatibility 64 bit
  • OS Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Processor Dual core

DxO PhotoLab Elite x64 Free Download

DxO Photolab Elite x64 can be downloaded from our site.

Dxo Photo Lab X64


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