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Are you worried about the unexpected deletion of your important memories (photos)? If yes, then no more tension for you. Exif Untrasher (MacOS only) is the finest key to such troubles.

Exif Untrasher (MacOS only) is fully powered to retain the JPEG picture that you perhaps misplaced accidently.

Rather you are looking for the missing snaps from the digital camera or memory stick this app will surely find them easily. Even this data recovery is 100% capable to retrieve the desired snaps from formatted cards. Great way to have lost memory back!

Fighting fits it’s the tiny Mac application that challenges to situate the hidden photos. Further, it can restore them on the media card after searching for its EXIF data. Added in it can work with any storage media. No hitch if it has to work with Compact Flash or SD or Memory Stick. All is well for it!

Exif Untrasher

Are you curious about how to get your photos from it? It’s very straightforward. You just plug in your media device into Mac then shoot up Exif Untrasher. You will see that it works same to other effective data loss recovery tool.  As far as it is open you can choose your required folder to recover the file and you will get your photos in no time. Out of this world!

Download MAC OS X Yosemite

Although this app has some drawbacks overall it works well with Mac like last 3-4 years. In spite of the fact it is the lightweight program that does not need any high storage than other most programs. It’s well run in the United States and France as well as Malaysia.

Exif Untrasher (MacOS Only) is the one of the best free loss data recovery that charges nothing. It is entirely FREE for you to help you to recall your photos & shots to share generously.

Exif Untrasher (MacOS Only) features

Its features entail:

  • Has easy download & installation.
  • Effective photo restoration from your camera SD card.
  • Prompt & exact in its working.
  • Easily restore your photos & shots to share.
  • Free to use no price at all.
  • Can recover lost data from formatted/ damaged hard drive to USB sticks and SD card.

Exif Untrasher System requirements

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.10, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8

Free Space Disk: 2 MB

Download Free Exif Untrasher

For download the Exif Untrasher click on the “Download Now” button.

Exif Untrasher

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