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Fast Rabbit Typing enhances your typing aptitude with its helpful practice categories and game play modes as well as levels –all for the finest typing skill-set.

Be happy to have the chance for learning and exercising the typing in the UNIQUE way.

Either you are the teacher or the student you can enjoy typing by means of it.

Fast Rabbit Typing Review

No qualm it makes the typing fun for everyone. More its typing practices are available in different forms like games or practice type or much more.

Perk up your typing speed with its inimitable features. Likewise, you may take benefits of the excellent practices that it offers. Astonishingly its 15 types of practice let you exercise the typing that you could not do before.

Whereas, accuracy and speed are the main parameters for this software that not only quicker you in your job with exactness but suitability also.

Fast Rabbit Typing

According to your talent, you can select its particular option for yourself.

Surefire it progresses your typing with perfection!

Despite its letters, numbers, 3-4 letter words, nursery rhymes, animals, sports, Shakespeare etc are the marvelous typing options for you your ease.

While using it, you collect the results through its FRS score controller.

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So, typing for school work & homework can be there in the most innovative way.

Along with Fast Rabbit Typing,  typing is really SIMPLE & EASY.

Fast Rabbit Typing Features

  • Provide best typing practice.
  • Endow fifteen categories for practice.
  • Develop fastness in tying.
  • Comprise of 5 game play modes.
  • Has 3 difficulty levels to assist perform.
  • Increase accuracy.

Fast Rabbit Typing System Requirements

  • Windows/ Vista.

(No further additional requirements)

Fast Rabbit Typing Free Download

Indisputably its lovely to enhance your typing speed with its “download”. Thus, click the button to discover your typing ability.

Fast Rabbit Typing

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