FNaF World Games Download for PC Latest & Updated versions 2018

FNaF World Games Download – The demand for next-generation gaming is increasing day by day. Since last few months the FNaF World Game is getting negative reviews but now it is back. In this Summer FNaF World Games are the top trending and adventure providing games which offer the fine mixture of horror and action thrills. The game is episodic in nature and officially it was released in 2016 for the Microsoft Windows. But later on, it becomes popular within a very short period of time and become the part of other gaming platforms including Mac, iOS, and Android. But here at PCSoftBox, we are only dealing with the FNaF World Games Download for PC. Here you will get the direct downloading link of

FNaF World Games Free Download for PC

  • FNaF 1 Download for PC
  • FNaF 2 Download for PC
  • FNaF 3 Download for PC
  • FNaF 4 Download for PC
  • FNaF Sisters Location Download for PC
  • FNaF Halloween Edition Download for PC

FNaF World Games Gameplay

Undoubtedly, the game has amazing gameplay. Being the player you can play the game in 2 different modes.

  1. Adventure Mode.
  2. Fixed Party Mode.

Based on the difficulty level you can also choose the difficulty standards for the game. You can make a selection from

  1. Normal
  2. Hard

The game started with the selection of 2 different parties. There are 4 different characters in each party. You can easily swap the players any time during the gameplay. The main character of the game is Fred Bear which leads the character and gives instruction about their next moves. You need to explore new areas of the game. Once you find a new area you need to press a special button so that the players can easily teleport between the old and new areas of FNaF World Map. All in all, the FNaF Games are a role-playing game and you are playing the role of Nightwatchman in the Freddy’s Faze Bear Pizza Club.

FNaF World Games Download

At PCSOFTBOX you can download all the official updated of the FNaF World Games free. All the files are available free to download moreover they are tested, working, and virus scanned. Don’t hesitate to contact us in case you need support.

FNaF 1 Download for PC

FNaF 1 Download

FNaF 1 or Five Night at Freddy’s Episode 1 is a horror and action genre game. It is the very first episode of the whole series. The whole game revolves around the Freddy’s Faze Bear. It is the robotic bear. At the Freddy’s Faze bear Pizza place there are also many other animatronic characters. All in all, Get ready to face your fear in FNaF 1 or Five Night at Freddy’s Episode 1 game. Have fun in playing the game.

FNaF 2 Download for PC

FNaF 2 Download Free

FNaF 2 or Five Night at Freddy’s Episode 2 is the second successful episode of the series. In this episode, being the player you will experience more horror thrills. Some new and amazing characters are now added as the part of the game. Being the Nightwatchman your duty is to keep an eagle eye on all character. Your main goal should save the other animatronic characters from the Freddy’s the bear. Add this game to your summer pack. Download Now FNaF 2.

FNaF 3 Download for PC

FNaF 3 Download

Are you looking for the third update of the FNaF World Games? If yes then here we have FNaF 3 or Five Night at Freddy’s Episode 3 full game for you. The whole story of the game revolves around again the Freddy’s Fazbear. The pizza place stays closed for the 30 years and now reopened for the people. Again you are playing the role of Night security Guard. You must know that the Faze bear and other creepy creatures don’t like the night employees. Late at night, they become bloody. You have to protect yourself and other innocent animals. Stay in your office spend the whole night by watching location through security cameras in FNaF 3. Download Now FNaF 3, FNaF world Games Download PC version.

FNaF 4 Download for PC

The FNaF World Games not end after the 3rd episode of the game. The Scott has successfully launched the last chapter of the series named as FNaF 4. In this episode, the fear follows the players in their homes. Again you are playing a role and your main goal is to save yourself from the Freddy’s Fazbear and other animatronic creepy creature of the game. Some more friends and character of Fazbear has been added in the game and also you are equipped with the torch. Because they are afraid of torchlight. But use the torchlight wisely. Download Now FNaF 4 for PC.   

FNaF Sister Location Download for PC

The consistent nature of the FNaF Games can be measured from the 2 new flavors of this game. FNaF Sister Location or Five Night at Freddy’s Sister Location is officially released on 7th of October 2016. After the successful launching of 4 episode, they keep on fulfilling the public demands by introducing new horror factors. Keep on playing the game by downloading and installing the FNaF Sister Location on your PC.

FNaF Halloween Edition Download

In FNaF Halloween edition is launched to surprise the FNaF fans because this version of the game consists of challenges menu and cheat menus. After 1 year of all four versions, they launched the FNaF Halloween Edition. This edition is ready to mauve your mind with brand new surprises. So, are you ready to face your fear inside the Fazbear place? If yes then go ahead to download FNaF Halloween Edition PC version.


FNaF World Games are one of the best PC Games which are available free to download and enjoy on all gaming platform. We at PCSoftBox decided to entertain our user with best PC Games. So, you can download all the games free from our latest gaming collection 2018. Share your valuable feedback with us in the form of comments below.

FNaF World Download

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