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Android Sync for Windows Review

Android Sync for Windows is the best android device tool which is used to perform computer things on your Smartphone and tablets. It also provides access to 0.6 million apps to user, download and customize them in a well built system.

When we download any computer software on our Smartphone, the Smartscreen filter alerts / warn us on starting of installation process. The reason is the app in process, is particularly built for PC and desktop computer, not for tablet or other Smartphone. That’s why when we download / install any such app on our Smartphone, the Smartscreen filter show unwilling and reluctant.

Android Sync for Windows software, using the inbuilt Developer Option, enable USB debugging, converts the computer connection into Media Device. Thereafter, it detects the Smartphone.

Generally when we download an APK file, we required to connect it in the relevant program. However, in Android Sync for Windows, you didn’t need to connect an APK file; it will automatically associate with program. When it will be linked completely with program, double-click on the app. Task Center window will also show the link for this app process. The Task Center window integrated with two tabs; one for current and completed tasks correspondingly plus links for opening the program’s limited download folder and Internet download page.

Android Sync for Windows

Furthermore, Android Sync for Windows software also allows you to maintain backup of the device data. It also permits you to restore the data as well as manage files. It also facilitates you to build your own ringtones for your Smartphone.

Android Sync for Windows software is completely configurable. It means you can customize the settings in the way you want. For instance, you can change the download destination folder (default download folder), automatic association with compatible device or manual association etc.

Android Sync for Windows is, beyond doubt, all-in-one Android device manager. It let you free from download any paid apps or free from your computer. Now you can download computer app and games on your tablet and Smartphone. Even you can all do this without jailbreak your device.

Android Sync for Windows Specifications

Name:                   Android Sync for Windows 1.3

File Size:              19 MB

Publisher:            PGSJZS

License:               Freeware

Software Cost:     Free

O.S:                      Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista,                                Windows XP and Mac OS X.

Languages:          English

Free Download Android Sync for Windows

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Android Sync for Windows

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