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Although chrome browser is already on the top of the browsers list, even then, Google chrome further updates their services from time to time. After years of usage and keeps under observations, I strictly recommend the chrome as a browser to all my friends, worldwide developers as well as internet users.

Chrome Browser Review

Chrome is an internet browser, free and user friendly interface as well as usage, officially launched on 11th December 2008 by Google for commercial purpose,

A large number of computer users is very happy and feel easy to stick with already installed browsers on their desktop and PC. Generally when you start computer first time, (in other words, you purchase and start a new computer), you’ll get internet explorer on Widows or safari browser on Mac and other Smartphone.

Although, after observing and witnessing the worth and audience of Chrome, the above mentioned both browsers upgraded many updates and tried to make it user friendly.

Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome was commercially launched in 1997. Today Chrome is the largest search engine as well as browser. Almost every third user installs and uses Google chrome as browser.  The reason behind this success is its user friendly usage.

Google chrome provides quick and accurate results to its users. For developers, it is not better as like WordPress, as it directs its developers to create and upload accurate information. It always emphasized on user queries. Chrome provides the search results keeping in mind the desires of users.

When we talk about the competition of browsers, the chrome browser is consistently on number 01 since last 8-9 years. This is only due to providing the quick and accurate information. The information appears in search results based on intention of users. That’s why a large number of developers and internet users prefer Chrome browser for everyone.

Chrome browser automatically keeps all the previous record of browsing in history folder. If you forget to keep remember any domain address, you can find that domain address from the history section. Although this browser keeps some bars on developers but however it facilitated developers by having “inspect element tool”.  Furthermore Chrome browser has been integrated with “View Source Code”.

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The integrated view source code enable users to see the highlighted fragments of code, thus, they can easily view the style sheet properties behind it.

Chrome browser has been integrated with all Google services. In these services, you can enjoy following free for lifetime.

  • Google play store.
  • Latest Local news.
  • Google drive.
  • Download Books.
  • Blogger platform to create website.
  • Keeps your contacts.
  • Chat to anyone on Hangouts.

On chrome browser, you’ll get all the above mentioned services free for lifetime.

Chrome Browser Features

On the following prominent qualities and features, I recommended chrome as browser.

  • Chews code has no tomorrow there.
  • Fast, flexible, accurate and quick.
  • Easy to switch.
  • Dozens of services on One ID and free for lifetime.
  • Incognita mode.
  • Dragging tabs.
  • Own task manager.
  • Keeps history.

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Google Chrome Browser Particulars

Name:                   Google Chrome Portable (64-bit)

Updated:              16 May, 2018

Developers:          Google

License:               Freeware

Software Cost:     Free

O.S:                      Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Languages:          All Languages

Google Chrome Browser Free Download

Click on the following button to download the latest version of Google Chrome Browser.

Google Chrome Browser

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