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DesktopOK has been intended for those users who regularly need to change the desktop resolution repeatedly. It is also designed for those computer users who call for to boot into safe mode for troubleshooting on a usual basis, it can be extremely irritating finding all your cautiously configured desktop icons have gone walkabout.

It is an authoritative – and moveable – tool that can stock up up to 32 diverse desktop layouts at any one time. When downloaded completes, run and immediately click the Save button to accumulate the current outline. This information is accumulated in an .ini file that’s stored in the identical folder as Desktop OK itself – if you’d somewhat stock up this information in the Registry, rename the program file to DesktopOK_reg.exe as a substitute.

DesktopOK Review

DesktopOK is designed to assist you accumulate and reinstate the location of desktop icons and moreover for recurrent screen resolution changes. 


The program is arranged to robotically save the desktop within each 60 minute – presumptuous changes have been completed – and will stay the last four desktop configurations. Change these settings from the Settings > Auto-Save sub-menu. The Settings menu is located on the position where you can configure save options in result of name used for every outline, additionally settle on if the program starts with Windows, and if the most recent explain should be reinstated when shutting down Windows.

DesktopOk Download

The program as well features a “Punch the Icons” button, which mostly rearranges the icons arbitrarily. Don’t worry though, for the reason that the program will automatically back up their location before performing the squeeze.

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In the instant version, Desktop OK facilitates the user with a lot of numerous features. The user is permitted to alter / modify / edit the system fonts. User can also change and modify the title, caption as well as icon and menus in Windows 10 and Windows 8.1.

Furthermore DesktopOK has been integrated with numerous tiny enhancements in the DesktopOK Tools. Moreover languages have been updated and many other small corrections have been made.

DesktopOK Features

After analyzing and observing the DesktopOK thoroughly, we recommend this to every computer user. We recommended this computer tool after witnessing the following exclusive features in DesktopOK.

  • Very lightweight, no burden on hard drive memory.
  • User friendly procedure.
  • Free from any virus, Trojans and adware like security threats.
  • 100% tested and verified.
  • Auto save desktop changes within every 60 minutes.
  • Numerous buttons at one place “punch of icons” folder.
  • Facilitates the user for modification for various apps and settings.
  • Maintain backup of every action before starting an action.

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DesktopOK Particulars

Name:                   DesktopOK 5.21

Updated:              11 May, 2018

Developers:          Nenad Hrg

License:               Freeware

Software Cost:     Free

O.S:                      Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista,                                             Windows XP and Mac OS X.

Languages:          English, Italian, German, Chinese, Portugese, Swedish, Norwegian,    Finnish, Russian, Catalan, French, Czech, Dutch, Polish, Spanish

DesktopOK Download Free

Click on the below button to download the latest version of DesktopOK 

32-bit DesktopOK Free Download64-bit

DesktopOK Free Download

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