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Microsoft Games for Windows Software Review

Microsoft Games for Windows is a complete setup package for Games only for Windows. It is not applicable on Smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices.

This package install the Games for Windows – LIVE Redistributable that make possible the In-Game experience. Furthermore the package also installs the Games for Windows – LI VE Client that make possible out-of-game experience.

Microsoft Games for Windows

Moreover, It facilitate users by giving complete, quick and free access to the Games for Windows – LIVE Marketplace.

It is pertinent to mention that, during the process of downloading or installation you receive a sign-in error in form of code 8015403a, then visit, click on “Agree” button to accept their change of terms. When you do this, the instant code error will not appear again. You can repeat the process now.

Microsoft Games for Windows Specification

Name:                   Microsoft Games for Windows – LIVE 3.5.50.

File Size:              70.4MB

License:                Free.

Publisher:             Microsoft 

O.S:                      Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Price:                    Free

Languages:          English, French, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, German, Italian, Swedish, Russian.

Download Microsoft Games for Windows

Click on the following button to download the latest version of Microsoft Games for Windows.

Microsoft Games for Windows

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